Galadriel Wants a Family To Call Her Own!


Meet Galadriel! This beautiful two-year-old Siamese mix is looking for her purr-fect home in the Seattle area. She has had a busy first two years of life having litters of kittens, and is now looking forward to her kitten-free life in home where she is adored for the beauty she is. True to her Siamese nature, Galadriel loves to “talk” in order to get your attention with a series of meows and chirps. She thinks her paws are fingers and does not hesitate to grab your hand and bring it closer to her for playing or petting. She is a very social, active cat and would do wonderfully in a home where playtime and stimulation is abundant.

G2When I enter the cat area here at our ECPR facility, Galadriel is at the glass door between the kitty playroom and the kitty kennel area, pawing at me waiting for my attention. Upon entering the playroom she grabs at hands with her “finger-claws” and demands my attention. She is brave and graceful, hopping from the branches right onto my shoulders without pause or failure; our little social butterfly! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to adopt a special kitty with such an endlessly curious and friendly purr-sonality! If you’d like to meet this little flame-point girl, give us a call at 206 557 4661

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