Blade The Doxie Wants To Be Loved!

Blade sml_3Meet the droopy-sweet face of Blade! This guy is a 6-year-old dachshund looking for just the right home. He is fond of hanging out with his human, providing that human is female and an adult. (Blade is not a fan of children or cats, and is fearful of men.) Dachshunds can be pretty vocal and Blade is no exception. Because of his big doxie personality and voice, he will not be a good candidate for apartment or condo living.

BladeHOMEKIT photoBlade is a HUGE fan of ball time though, and he thoroughly enjoys fetch! He is filled with loyalty and protectiveness over his loved one and he wants you to know how much he wants to be loved in return! Are you the right person for this adorable dapple?

Blade is fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped. Give us a call here at Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to meet him and see if you might be his perfect match!

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