DailyECPR : Farewell, Charlie :(

WP_20151103_016Although we treasure the moments when we rescue a pet and have the privilege of seeing him or her through the journey to their new, forever happy home, sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in the best interest of their health and happiness.

Charlie the chug unfortunately had to be treated for heartworm, and although we did everything we could for this sweet boy, the disease was so far advanced that his heart was irreparably damaged. Charlie loved to be excited and exuberant, and that very awesome aspect of his personality unfortunately only aggravated his heart problems further. He was not able to live a quality life and in the end, we realized we had to do the right thing by this precious guy and let him go.

We want to give a special thanks to the wonderful staff at VCA Magnolia for helping Charlie through this difficult time and for holding his paw and being there with him as he took his journey. He was surrounded by his favorite people as he peacefully passed. He was loved by them, and he loved them back.

WP_20151103_005Making decisions like this is never easy. We grieve for Charlie, but he touched our lives in a way that can never be erased and his paw-prints will live on with us for a very long time. Goodbye, little fellow. Thank you for giving us the privilege of getting to know you, and thank you for being brave, strong, and for loving unconditionally. You will always be a part of ECPR and all of the lives you impacted and changed. <3.