LOGO-UPDATEDFOSTERING FOR ECPR

Because ECPR is a nonprofit rescue, donations and volunteers are critical to our growing success and ability to rescue and rehabilitate more and more pets and find them loving, forever homes. Another amazing way you can help out is by fostering!

PiggleWe have designed ECPR so that our dogs and cats spend the majority of their days out in a play area, socializing and learning. For many of our animals, this environment encourages confidence and enrichment which helps them become more enticing to potential adopters.

Once in a while, we rescue an animal and soon discover the animal has certain needs, whether physical or emotional, that we feel would be best met in a home environment. Other times, when an animal is recovering from surgery, or if they are ill, the calming environment of a home rather than the hustle and bustle of our rescue can minimize their stress level as they heal. These are the types of situations where fosters are most needed!

The first thing we ask you to consider when deciding you would like to foster is, what type of home environment are you able and willing to provide? How many hours a day would the pet be alone? Do you have children and are they willing and able to interact safely with the pet and any challenges the pet may present? Do you have other pets, and how would they react to a foster animal? Are you comfortable administering medication? Do you have previous experience with animals with certain emotional challenges such as separation anxiety and/or fear aggression, and/or do you have experience with animals with physical limitations such as an animal that uses a wheelchair, or an animal that has diabetes? Is your living environment conducive to those challenges? Having a good understanding of what type of animal you are prepared and able to foster will be very helpful when attempting to match you with an animal that would best fit your environment, capabilities and comfort level.

The process to get approved for fostering is very similar to the process for adoption. We ask you to provide information about yourself, we ask you a series of questions pertaining to the items we encourage you to consider above, then we ask for three references that we then check. Once we match you with an appropriate foster animal, we have you, your family, and any other resident dogs living in the home to come in for a meet and greet. If all goes well, we then schedule a home check and bring the animal to your home.
** If you have fostered for us before and you would like to foster another animal, we do not ask you to go through the process again. Once you go through the process, you are considered an approved foster.

We completely understand the desire to want to make sure that an animal you choose to adopt will be happy and healthy for the rest of their lives in your home. That is why we have designed our adoption process in the best way we can to match our rescues with the right families. Our primary goal for all of our animals is permanent adoption; finding our rescues a home where they will be taken care of and loved for the duration of their lives. We do allow foster-to-adopt situations, but please be aware that while in foster with you, the animal will remain listed as “adoptable” on our website and the animal will still be considered available for meet and greets. If we do receive interest from a potential adopter, we will let you know so that you may decide at that time whether or not you would like to formally adopt your foster.

While you are fostering for ECPR, we will provide you supplies for the animal during the duration of his or her stay with you such as food, litter if fostering a feline, cage/bedding/etc, if you are fostering a rabbit or a guinea pig, and medications. We also cover any vet costs while you are fostering including, but not limited to, vaccinations, exams, spay/neuter, and any other needed surgeries and consultations. You may speak with our trainer or our vet tech at any time regarding any concerns you have, or advice you may need.

We ask that you provide the animal with a safe and loving environment while you are fostering. You are responsible for administering any medications as instructed by the animal’s veterinarian, as well as feeding, bathing, exercising, and socializing catered to that animal’s individual needs. You are also responsible for transporting the animal to and from our facility for scheduled meet and greets with potential adopters. We will always give you a 48-hour notice of any scheduled meet and greets. We also ask that our fosters keep in contact with us regularly and keep us fully updated on any changes, any veterinary appointments the animal may need, behavioral changes and/or behavioral and health progress. We ask that you provide us with occasional updated pictures as well so we can continue to feature that pet as adoptable across our social media platforms. We may also ask you to bring the animal into our facility occasionally for photo shoots or adoption events. We will also give you a 48-hour notice if those situations and opportunities should arise.

Yes, however you MUST inform ECPR of the specific dates you will be out of town in a timely manner so that we can prepare to keep the animal at our facility for the duration of your absence. If someone else would like to care for the animal in your absence, that person must also go through the foster approval process and a home check must be completed. You may NOT leave the animal somewhere out of your direct care without our prior knowledge and approval.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster for ECPR. The love and dedication to the well-being and rehabilitation of our wonderful rescues from fosters, volunteers, sponsors, donations and our staff go a long way in helping our critters find their forever homes!