Chewie and Mommas are Besties!



The “Cutest BFFs in the Playroom” award goes to….

ECPR’s Chewey and Mommas! They love to hang out with each other, they think all of these other dogs with their four working legs and lack of wheels are just plain odd. They are in their own little wheelie club together where they joyfully roll around, or, more often, joyfully relax together while they wait to find their forever homes!

cm2Chewey is a handsome 4-year old Chihuahua mix. After receiving surgery for a ruptured disc, Chewey has been using a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let that slow him down for a second as he makes the rounds visiting his favorite people! And c’mon, who doesn’t love a guy with his own set of wheels? He is charismatic, friendly, and very sweet but he does not get along so well with cats.

Meet Mommas! 4-year old Mommas is a fantastic dog that loves people and other dogs. Mommas has lived with children – and loved them, too! Mommas is looking for a loving home that can offer her stability and support as she adjusts to her new life on wheels. As with most dogs that lose their ability to use their back end, this is not slowing her down! Mommas still has a happy-go-lucky attitude and she is always eager for new adventures. Mommas will need an adopter who is willing and able to work with her special needs. Mommas likes cats too!

If you might have the perfect home for one of these two special babies, give us a call at 206 557 4661!

A Visit From Meridian School


image1 Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we love it when children reach out to us and want to help and/or learn all about animal rescue! We firmly believe that having compassion for animals at a young age and learning about the responsibilities involved with caring for them gives them helps them grow into wonderful pet owners.

Today we had a visit from some students at the Meridian School in Wallingford. These wonderful kids got to learn about what we do as a rescue; save animals, help them medically, socialize and train them with positive reinforcement, and help them find loving, forever homes. They also had the opportunity to demonstrate their awesome animal-handling skills with Lily, Scout, and Athena. We love that Meridian is compassionate to animals and that they gave their students the opportunity to interact and learn about them and what it takes to care properly for a pet as part of their curriculum. We always welcome opportunities to educate, as we firmly believe that the best way to save an animal from losing a home is to make sure that pet parents have the knowledge and resources they need to cope with any challenges having a pet can bring.

DailyECPR : Donations!

With the winter months now upon us, its important that our precious pets stay warm. For those smaller dogs who are extra-sensitive to the cold, that means extra blankets in their kennels at night, and during the day, having that extra layer in the form of a nice, fluffy sweater!

As a non-profit, we always welcome and appreciate any type of donation whether it be monetary or items. Today, an awesome person dropped off two whole boxes filled with all sorts of perfect preparing-for-winter goodies from blankets and towels to dog clothes, even winter booties for those tiny puppy paws!

IMG_0816Depending on where you live, booties for your pup can actually be a very important outdoor accessory. For those of you in the “colder” states in the Midwest, when sidewalks and streets are salted, that can actually burn your pooch’s paw pads!

Here in Seattle there’s not an immediate need for booties, but Lily Lou, the amazing sport that she is, modeled them for us anyways because you never know what the weather might do! Looking good, Lil!

She is also currently enjoying a new sweater, and so are a handful of our other little dogs. We are so appreciative of today’s donations, as the weather gets chillier, all of these doggy clothes and extra blankets will definitely come in handy!

DailyECPR : Seattle Dog – City Guide For The Pooch-Lover!

Check This Out!!
Hello fellow Seattle-ites! Looking for all the dog-friendly places to bring your pooch around the city? We found this comprehensive guide that makes bringing your pooch along on a leash or in a purse a breeze!

seattledogThe Seattle Dog City Guide for Dog-Lovers presents the best places to romp with your dog from Seattle metro to the east side of Lake Washington including Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and surrounding area. This “best of everywhere rover wants to go” guide includes:

• Best dog parks, beaches, wineries, restaurants, and local hikes
• Top recommendations dog spas for pampered pets
• Best doggie daycares, local veterinarians, and best dog trainers
• Dog-welcome outings to movies, wineries, breweries, cafes
• Best local hiking trails
• And lots of travel preparation tips to get you ready and set to go

Blue Moth Media’s Dog City Guides presents only the best-rated services and place to go according to ratings and reviews on specific websites such as Yelp. Each book offers a click-and-go experience for app savvy dog lovers along with lots of travel tips to ensure you and your dog have a great time and avoid any trouble on the road.

Eleanor Needs A Home!

IMG_6613Meet Eleanor! She is an incredibly sweet 3 year old spayed Black Lab Pointer mix who weighs approximately 55 pounds. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped, available for adoption through our affiliates 6dogrees Rescue. Isn’t she adorable?

Elli was saved on her last day in a overcrowded shelter in CA. Black dogs are sadly the first to die in shelters due to poor photographs and being harder to see in the crowd.

Elli is very happy to be alive and will reward her new family with love and devotion. She will make a great family addition. Eleanor has shorter legs than a Pointer and she is the perfect size for the city or suburbs. She is a love bug and a people pleaser. She loves water and is a very easy going girl. Belly rubs are her favorite, she’s easy and adaptable for a condo or a house with a few good outdoor visits to a park and daily walks. A fenced yard would be ideal. No electric fences or control devices. No cats please – she is cat curious and will chase a cat. She likes children and adults and would be a great addition to a semi active home.

IMG_7414Elli’s adoption fee is $495 which is all-inclusive, Elli will come already spayed, fully up to date on her vaccines, microchipped, 30 day pet insurance policy, dewormed, nails trimmed, a fresh bath and her collar.

6dogrees Rescue is an all volunteer “grassroots” 501c3 small nonprofit focusing on saving euthanasia, high kill shelter dogs. 100% of the adoption fee is spent on saving another dog and vet bills. We do not profit from any of the dogs fees. 6dogrees is designed to “Save it forward” for every dog adopted one is saved and we pay on our vet bill.

*** California euthanize’s 800 dogs per day! This is due to over-breeding, puppy mills and lack of funds to help the problem. We feel all dogs deserve a chance at life no matter where they live so we do are best to help them. Our goal is to place the dogs into forever happy, loving, homes in WA State. All of our fees are built into the cost to save the dog and they are not negotiable. Fee’s are in place to vet the dogs, and care for medical, boarding, transport, and grooming expenses. Adoption fees go to saving another dog. We do not profit. All of our dogs are fully vetted and re-checked on arrival. Our vetting covers Spay/Neuter, DA2PP shots, Rabies, Bordatella, Deworming, Advantage Flea Treatment, Heart worm Test, Grooming, Microchip, Boarding Fees, Health Certificate and transport cost from California to Seattle. This adoption fee will also go towards helping many of our rescued dogs who are in desperate need of surgeries, dental and teeth extractions, hernias, cherry eye removals, medications and boarding fees. For more information or questions please email

DailyECPR : National Cat Day!!!

You’ve cat to be kitten me – its National Cat Day!!

To celebrate this AWESOME day, we wanted to update you all on the progress of a very special litter of kittens we have been raising that we refer to as “The Currency Kittens.” They came to us in early September from a feral Mother who we spayed and released, but as the kittens were malnourished and with parasites, we made the choice to take them into our care. All of the kittens were named after different types of currency, so we had Dollar, Peso, Shilling, Rupee, Dinari, Euro and Franc.

RueSleeping Rupee and Shilling were definitely the runts of the litter, but Rupee was the most concerning. Her tiny legs were thinner than pencils, if you lightly pet her you could feel every little rib, and she couldn’t quite figure out how to eat like the rest of them had quickly picked up on.

We started supplementing Rupee by bottle feeding her goatsmilk every few hours around the clock. I had her in my home and I barely slept for the first three weeks. This little fighter held on, but the others were growing and learning and she seemed to be stuck in her early kitten weeks. She was brought to the vet and tests were done. We prepared and braced for the worst, but her tests came back okay and all they could find was worms! We started her (and the others, preventatively) on a treatment, and within a few days you could already see a difference in her. She started growing, she started grooming herself, and for the first time she actually had energy and wanted to start playing with her siblings! It was like watching a little miracle happen right before my eyes. RueTeacup

Tomorrow is a big day for this litter, they have their first meet and greet with potential adopters! Well, all except for precious little Rupee, the baby I spoke about above. With as much time and worry as I put in to her, we developed quite the bond with each other and I’m happy to say that I’ve officially adopted her! She is perfection, still quite tiny for her age but I don’t mind if she’s a small cat as long as she’s healthy and happy. She comes to work with me daily just like my dog does. They sleep cuddled on the same bed on my desk. She loves to sit on my shoulder and observe the world. She’s a very special little one and I feel so blessed to have her!

Her siblings are equally as precious and I adore every single one of them, but alas, I can’t adopt them all! My cat-lady status would go into overdrive!

PesoShilling is the other “runt,” a brown tabby girl who is a bit smaller than her siblings but she can hold her own quite well. She LOVES to be cuddled! She will curl up in the crook of your arm and purr like a motor when you give her chin-scratchies.

Peso is the little tuxedo-cat, black with perfect little white paws and tuft. He is SO soft to pet, like a fleece blanket. His fur is just gorgeous. He is quiet and sweet just like his sister Shilling, and also loves to be held and cuddled. He is the most polite of all the kittens. If he would like to be pet, he will tap you arm softly with his paw as if to say “S’cuse me, but would you mind giving me a rub? Thank you, ma’am!” Being warm is his favorite thing and he loves to curl under a blanket with you while you are lounging. A perfect little cuddle-bug!

The “twins” as I call them, two fuzzy grey chubby babies, Euro and Franc are quite the pair of spunk and mischief. They will quickly disappear into any closet or through any cracked open door so you have to watch them very carefully! They are best friends and often seem to be conspiring together on their next “evil plot” as I like to say when I tease them. They play hard, so you have to watch your treasured items of they will get shredded! I say this with love though, they are adventurous, spirited little babies and I wouldn’t have them any other way! dollar

Lastly, we have Mister Dollar, the biggest but definitely not baddest member of the Currencies. He is a brown tabby with white paws, and his personally is pretty evenly split between play and snuggles. He is a “born mouser” as I like to say, occupied by toy mice for a few HOURS non-stop chasing them until he is so tired that he just falls into your arms for an evening nap.

They are all so unique and it has been a privilege raising them and getting to know them but they are big enough now where they look forward to meeting their forever families. I don’t anticipate these amazing little bundles of fur to be available for long, so make sure to give us a call at 206 557 4661 if you are interested in inviting one to be a part of your forever family!

DailyECPR : We Met Grumpy Cat!

Happy Friday, everyone!! The weekend is almost here, I can feel it, I can see the clock tick-tick-ticking away. I have very awesome plans for this weekend. It involves a lot of wild partying. …. Okay, let’s be honest. I have a date with the litter of kittens I am still fostering when I get home, and then with my PILLOW! And then there’s the whole adulting part of life where my once-leisurely weekends now consist of running errands and fulfilling responsibilities….

But now, let’s back track from my upcoming weekend of errands and sleep and talk about what’s REALLY important –


grumpy2Emerald City Pet Rescue was invited to be part of a very fun event yesterday, a GRUMPY CAT meet and greet! The famous feline with the eternally grumpy face was here in Seattle yesterday to celebrate her third book.

We (myself, and two awesome volunteers Susan and Suzanne) arrived at the location of the meet and greet, a University of Washington bookstore. (It was HUGE! As in, I could have easily gotten lost in it – and I actually did even if only for a few moments!) We had substantially less gear than we are used to bringing to events because the lovely hosts provided tables and chairs for us (Thank you for that!) and it was indoors with limited space so we did not need our tent.

We set up our ECPR gear right next to some gear from Best Friends and the Seattle Humane Society. We got acquainted with a few lovely people that had been waiting in line for three hours just to be among the first to meet Her Royal Feline Highness.  The line started to move, and we perfected talking about our rescue in 30 seconds or less for those walking by. A lot of people ooed and awed over our adorable adoptable pets so who knows, maybe some of our critters will find forever homes with some of Grumpy’s most dedicated fans!

After they closed the meet and greet line at 8PM, the event hosts surprised all of us and offered us the chance to meet Miss Grumpy, so volunteer Suzanne and I scrunched in and got our photo snapped. Grumpy couldn’t have cared less, she was asleep! Grumpy

As ECPR continues to grow, I am thrilled that we are being offered opportunities to participate in different types of animal-related events, and we are of course happy to be at all of them that we can in order to spread the word about our rescue and showcase our precious animals to help them find their forever families.

If Grumpy Cat could talk, I would imagine she might have been saying something like, “Not that I CARE, but if you give these animals a home maybe ECPR staff can stop going on and on about how cute they are. NOW I’M GOING BACK TO SLEEP!”

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, fall is well underway and winter is just around the corner!