Rusty Is Cured!

Rusty1Rusty is one special dog! He came to us suffering from distemper. Despite the difficult diagnosis, ECPR was committed to doing everything we could to try and get him well. Read about the long journey he has taken with his foster mom here.

Recently, Rusty had his monthly testing done, and the results we have all been hoping and waiting for – a viral load of 0, finally happened! Rusty is officially cured of distemper and he is ready to move on with his life!

Rusty spent a lot of time in isolation while he was on the mend, and yet when it was finally safe for him to come out, he couldn’t have been happier and bouncier! There’s always the worry after a dog spends so much time in isolation that they will be frightened of new people and new environments, but this rock star had a wagging tail and a cheery disposition ready for anyone who was eager to meet him. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing pure happiness and joy on his sweet face, and knowing that all of the worry, time, and dedication during his road to recovery was worth every single second.

A huge shout-out and thank you goes to his dedicated foster mom, Julie, who has seen him through every scary moment, shown him immeasurable amounts of love and had an endless amount of patience because she truly believed in him with every fiber of her being. Rusty pulled through because he knows we all care about him. Love Can Save Lives.

Today, Rusty made his way to ECPR’s clinic so he can receive his neuter and get prepared for adoption! Whoever ends up taking this guy home will get a dog with an INCREDIBLE heart and a tremendous will to live and to enjoy life. He deserves all of the love we can give him. Keep an eye on our social media and website: to stay up to date on when Rusty becomes officially available for adoption!

Rusty2 2

Rusty3 2

Chewie and Mommas are Besties!



The “Cutest BFFs in the Playroom” award goes to….

ECPR’s Chewey and Mommas! They love to hang out with each other, they think all of these other dogs with their four working legs and lack of wheels are just plain odd. They are in their own little wheelie club together where they joyfully roll around, or, more often, joyfully relax together while they wait to find their forever homes!

cm2Chewey is a handsome 4-year old Chihuahua mix. After receiving surgery for a ruptured disc, Chewey has been using a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let that slow him down for a second as he makes the rounds visiting his favorite people! And c’mon, who doesn’t love a guy with his own set of wheels? He is charismatic, friendly, and very sweet but he does not get along so well with cats.

Meet Mommas! 4-year old Mommas is a fantastic dog that loves people and other dogs. Mommas has lived with children – and loved them, too! Mommas is looking for a loving home that can offer her stability and support as she adjusts to her new life on wheels. As with most dogs that lose their ability to use their back end, this is not slowing her down! Mommas still has a happy-go-lucky attitude and she is always eager for new adventures. Mommas will need an adopter who is willing and able to work with her special needs. Mommas likes cats too!

If you might have the perfect home for one of these two special babies, give us a call at 206 557 4661!

DailyECPR : We Love Lincoln!

Lincoln2.jpgWe are pleased to introduce you to….. Lincoln!

Five-Year-Old Lincoln came all the way from Soi Dogs in Thailand to join the ECPR Family! Cuddly, friendly Lincoln has quickly become a staff favorite. Lincoln is a sweet, well-socialized fella, who makes the funniest noises when he’s trying to communicate with you.

Lincoln is very treat-motivated and learns quickly. He is very good at communicating with other dogs, though he can be impatient with them from time to time so Lincoln would prefer a home with either senior or mellow dogs (or, ideally, the only dog in the home so as to have the spotlight all to himself!) Lincoln is looking for an active family that will take him on daily hikes and adventures where he can show off his amazing walking skills! Lincoln needs a cat-free home, and because he can be vocal, apartments and condos are not for him, either. Because of his past, Lincoln would do best in a home with a fenced yard to prevent him from escaping, he needs to be 100% leashed.

LincolnLincoln would prefer a home with people 12 years old and older. A lot of training will be required for Lincoln, so experienced adopters who can provide him with these opportunities are ideal for him. Are you the right match for this international super-dog? Give us a call at 206 557 4661

Lincoln is fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped.

Captain Has Sailed Away!

Captian Captain was just a puppy, but already he was larger than most of the dogs here in our ECPR playroom! The staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with his flopsy way of running around, not quite clear on the fact that his body was as big as it was and not quite skilled at balance yet. He was a lover though, and the moment you gave him an ounce of attention he demanded a pound! He would bounce around with endless exuberance and soak your face in kisses.

No wonder Captain wasn’t here for very long, but he was definitely here long enough to charm our hearts as well as the hearts of his new forever family! Captain sailed into his new home with ease and posed expertly for his photos as if to say, “Obviously I found a fantastic forever home, I’m SO handsome!” Well, he’s not wrong!

We tip our hats to you, Captain, and we wish you nothing but the best as you venture into the open sea of your brand new forever-loved life! Bon voyage!

Meet Maisie, Still Searching For Her Forever Home!

patriotic maisie

Meet Miss Maisie, who is still searching for her forever home while currently in foster in Seattle! Maisie is a friendly senior terrier mix with an easy-going, gentle nature, and gets along beautifully with other dogs, children, and cats. When this social butterfly isn’t flitting from person to person seeking affection, Maisie is content to find a lap or spot of sun to stretch out in. If cuddling is the name of your game, Maisie might just be the perfect match for you!

Maisie on the boat

Maisie is currently in a foster home, enjoying life on boats and on laps. She is reported to be a wonderful family dog. Don’t let her age fool you, she is curious, adventurous and loves to feel the wind on her face! She would be the perfect companion for a family and she can’t wait to meet those she can call forever her own!

Maisie is fully vetted, spayed, microchipped, and ready for adoption in the Seattle area. Call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to meet this sweet-as-sugar young-at-heart girlie!

DailyECPR: Wonderful Rufus!

Since working at Emerald City Pet Rescue, I have met many inspiring animals. Despite various adversities, these animals manage to still go through life with enthusiasm and joy. Rufus is definitely one of these inspiring animals. He lost the use of his back legs, which would be a difficult thing for anyone, but especially for a little pooch who is so obviously full of energy. Rufus loves to frolic, it is how he expresses his exuberance for life. So to have his movement stifled was a very sad thing. Luckily, Rufus just got a brand new wheelchair.


Rufus has a very ‘go-with-the-flow’ personality, so as staff fussed with him and fitted him for his new chair, he went along with it, not knowing the freedom he was about to enjoy. As soon as he was properly sized for his chair, he was off like a rocket ship, wheeling himself though the playroom, ready to explore and investigate everything!

We had some concerns about how he would do in the playroom. Would the other dogs accept him? But the other dogs did not bat an eye as Rufus rolled around with them. He was easily accepted as a member of the ECPR doggy crew. It helps that many of our dogs have already met a dog in a wheelchair. Little hero Tanner was an ECPR dog before wooing the heart of staff member and foster failure Lucy. Sometimes, Tanner still comes to work with Lucy, so many of the dogs know Tanner even though he was adopted a while ago. Tanner and Rufus have not yet met, but when they do it will be exciting day! It is not just the wheelchair that these two dogs have in common. They share their resilience, their love for people friends, their sweetness, and their absolutely charismatic personalities. Little Tanner even has his own Instagram. Follow him here: @wieneronwheels


One of the many things that I love about Rufus, is that he always seems to be smiling. There are few things more charming then a doggy smile. Rufus loves to greet new friends. Whenever someone walks into the playroom, Rufus speedily rolls toward them and politely asks for cuddles. Little Rufus is very playful, and now that he has his snazzy new wheels, he can get out and play with the best of them.


Rufus likes to take walks too. I was very excited to take him on a walk after he got his brand new wheelchair. I just knew he would have an absolute blast!


Well, I was wrong. One of the few things Rufus does not like is rain. Rufus and I ventured out on a cool and rainy day and even with his stylish raincoat, Rufus was not having it. He stared into the distance with a troubled look on his face. There was an expression of anxious resistance in his normally cheer filled eyes.  He stayed as close to the sides of buildings as possible during the walk, trying to avoid the rain as it plummeted down. Well, all the ECPR dogs have me wrapped around their cute little paws especially Rufus whose paws are especially cute. I gave in and we turned around after only a very short distance. Rufus would have all the time in the world to take sunny day walks in his new wheelchair.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, the animals at ECPR are constantly inspiring me.

We use to have an itty-bitty Chihuahua named Binty who would sometimes get picked on by a much larger dog. Instead of cowering, Binty would snap at the big dog, confidently telling him to back off! Little Binty didn’t let his vulnerable size get in the way of standing up for himself.

We had a beautiful Siamese cat named Asia who was so frightened when she arrived she refused to let any of us touch her. I can’t say she was a lap cat by the end of her time at ECPR, but she took many brave steps. She slowly began to trust us, even coming to us for cuddles. I know it took a lot of courage for Asia to let us pet her. The first time Asia let me scratch her head, it felt like the ultimate compliment.

We had a 13 year old bichon named Bentley who came to us with his bonded pair. But his bonded pair passed away. Everyone was sad by her passing, but it was obvious that Bentley was the saddest of us all. But eventually, he began to find cheer in life again. One way he did this was by befriending other ECPR dogs. He seemed to have a talent for befriending dogs who needed his friendship the most. We had a very tentative, fearful dog named Doodles who got picked on. Bentley befriended him even though Doodles was a bit of an outcast. Soon, Doodles gained more confidence with his buddy Bentley by his side. Eventually, the other dogs began to accept Doodles too. Doodles transformation to a more confident and happy dog all started with Bentley’s generous and loving spirit

Our ECPR animals are always showing us humans that you can overcome limitations, that you can gain the bravery needed to triumph over fears and that you can find beauty in the world even after hardship. Rufus will always be one of those dogs I will think of when I am having a bad day and need a little encouragement. Rufus with his shinning personality, his adorable bushy-eyebrowed face and his love for movement can make any day brighter.

If you are interested in adopting wonderful Rufus, check out his petfinder profile here and call Emerald City Pet Rescue at (206) 557-4661 to set up a meet and greet.

DailyECPR: Oh Little Harper, Why Are You Still Here?


One thing ECPR staff sometimes ask their animal friends is “Why are you still here?” This question is usually asked of charming, ado20151108_133208rable and highly adoptable animals that for some reason have not yet found their forever home.
All the animals at ECPR are welcome to stay here as long as it takes them to find their forever home. It takes some animals much less time than others. Often times the sweet, adorable, well-behaved and friendly dogs find their forever home the quickest. Some of our animals have had hard lives and need more emotional, behavioral or physical rehabilitation before they are really able to find the right home. Some of our animals may have certain personality quirks that make finding their forever home a little more difficult, but never impossible. Some of the animals we have are very shy and their true charm doesn’t show until they feel more comfortable. But other times, we have animals that seem to have all the qualities of an easy to adopt animal, but they are still here!

Introducing….Harper! Why is this sweet little puppy stll here? She came in with her mother and her litter mates. Her mom and four siblings already found their home. But for some reason, our lil’ gal Harper has not found her forever home.

Harper is a delightful little dog who loves both human beings and her fellow dogkind. She is an expert cuddler. I always find Harper cuddling in the most bizarre and precious ways. One of our ECPR dogs will be stretched out in the playroom, obviously enjoying the pure joy of relaxation. Harper will come trotting along and she will plop down on top of the other dog as if every dog in the playroom was her potential couch or headrest.


Harper also loves cuddling with her human friends. It is not uncommon to see Harper curled up in someone’s oversized ECPR sweatshirt. Here is Lucy with her little friend Harper snuggling close.


  For Harper, it is not all rest and relaxation. This girl likes to embrace the playful side of life! Nothing is more exciting than frolicking around the playroom tumbling after young and old pooches alike.


Lovely Cocoa is no spring chicken, but he likes to bound and play like a little pup. Harper is quite fond of Cocoa! The two prove that multi-generational friendships are a breeze as long as you share similar passions. For these two, play is an obvious passion.


   Cocoa is not Harper’s only elderly friend. She has also befriended Piggles, a sweet little lady who normally dislikes puppies. Piggles is one of our tiniest dogs, but like many little dogs, she has a big personality. Usually when puppies or other rambunctious types get too close to her, she snaps at them. She is a firecracker who is not afraid to speak her mind! But look at her here! Either she is too tired to notice little Harper, or Harper has worked her charm!


Harper loves playing with her puppy peers too! Athena, a dog adopted by one of our staff members, gets to visit ECPR frequently. No one is more excited by these visits than Harper! When she see’s her pal Athena, I imagine what is going on in Harper’s mind is “Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!” These two girls love bouncing around the playroom, chasing and wrestling with each other. There are few things in this world filled with more merriment than puppy playtime.


Sometimes Harper doesn’t feel like playing though. Sometimes she just wants to relax in the sunshine with a few of her chihuahua friends. Seattle has its fair share of gray skies during the Fall and Winter months. Harper knows how to seize an opportunity to sunbathe when it presents itself.


   Harper is an amazing little puppy! She has a brave and curious spirit. She has a big heart and loves almost everyone she meets, dog and human alike. Harper is a puppy and still has so much to learn about the world. All she needs is her perfect forever person to share in her love and to show her how great the world can be.