Meet Stormy, our February Kitty of the Month!

S1.jpegSweet Stormy is hoping to find a home this month! Stormy is a thirteen-year-old gray domestic shorthair. She came to Emerald City Pet Rescue after her elderly owner was no longer able to care for her. This fluffy seventeen-pound girl is a bit shy when she first meets new people, but a bit of patience, a soft voice, and a gentle hand can quickly win her over. You know she’s given you her heart when she rubs her head on your hands, drools on you, and makes biscuits.

S3.jpegStormy enjoys the quiet life and she is hoping to find a relaxing home with plenty of couch and window lounging. She’s not up for the company of other cats, and she would do best in an adult-only home. Meds for arthritis help to keep her comfortable.

If you are looking for a quiet companion to binge Netflix with (or Hulu, or Amazon Prime, she’s not picky!) Stormy is definitely your girl. If you’re in the greater Seattle area and you’re interested in meeting this refined lady, please give Emerald City Pet Rescue a call at 206 557 4661



Call To Action : FeLV+ Kitty Tabitha Needs a Foster or Adoptive Home ASAP!

One-year-old Tabitha is an FeLV+ kitty who is looking for a foster household with another FeLV+ cat to romp and play with. She is a confident, friendly, playful girl who is full of adventure.
Tabitha is considered a flight risk because she really wants to explore the outdoors, so she would do best in a mindful home. Homes with enclosed, safe “cattios” would be a huge bonus for this curious gal!
If your FeLV+ kitty needs a friend, call us at 206-557-4661 to meet Tabitha!

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Please Help Stille Find a Home!


A very special kitty needs a family who will love her, and in return she promises to love you until the end of her days. ECPR is willing to continue to fund her medical needs, if you can provide the love and care! Please spread and share with everyone you know, let’s help Stille find the family she truly deserves!


Special ECPR Announcement!


Hello Seattle! We have several exciting announcements! We are so thrilled to announce that Emerald City Pet Rescue is expanding! As some of you may know, Emerald City Pet Rescue has merged with Kitty Harbor in West Seattle. All of our cat and kitten adoptions will take place at Kitty Harbor located at 3422 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126. From now, until the end of 2016, adoption days are Saturdays and Sundays (12:00pm – 4:00pm). Beginning in 2017, we will open our doors to the public 7 days a week! All dog adoptions will continue at our 2962 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 location. Hours are Monday – Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm.

For all of you coffee drinkers out there, we are thrilled to announce that we are opening a kitty café at the same location as Kitty Harbor! Emerald Kitty Café is now open on Saturdays and Sundays 7:00am – 4:00pm, serving delicious Stumptown coffee. So come down to visit Emerald Kitty Café to warm up on these cold, fall weekends by having a delicious coffee beverage all while viewing adorable, adoptable cats and kittens romping around in café windows!

We have even more exciting news…Emerald City Pet Rescue is opening another location in the SODO area. Currently under construction, this 12,500 sq. ft. location will have a fully-functioning veterinary clinic and staff, as well as much more space for adoptable dogs, cats, and critters!

These latest additions make a grand total of three dynamic Seattle locations for dogs, cats, and critters, as well as an Auburn location, housing our adoptable and sanctuary horses.

DailyECPR : Beautiful Bettina

Adopt Me1.jpg Do you love huskies? Do you love boxers? You can have the best of both worlds – a husky / boxer mix! Beautiful Bettina has amazing eyes, a licky tongue, and a very exciting personality! Like a lot of huskies, Bettina is highly intelligent so she is hoping to find an adopter who can really work to keep her stimulated both physically and intellectually. One of our employees loves to call her “smart but naughty!” Bettina is currently being boarded in a wonderful place where she has lots of room to run around – but she does like to rile up the other dogs! (Naughty, naughty!)

adopt-meOnce this gorgeous gal gets a chance to run around and exhaust some of that high energy, Bettina is all about getting loved on! She loves being pet, and a nice brushing is always greeted with a wagging tail as well because she definitely has that husky coat!

Bettina’s main challenge is that she’s not too fond of other dogs but proper and consistent training will go a long way in helping her with her reactivity. Her ideal family would consider her their one and only (she wants to be spoiled!), have a very secure yard, older children only, and the willingness to further her training and help her be the best possible dog she can be! We may be a little bit bias, but we are convinced that her potential is infinite!

If you think your home might be the perfect match for Beautiful Bettina, give us a call at 206 557 4661!



Polly and Tippy: Polydactyl Princesses

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have two beautiful polydactyls. No, not pterodactyls, although working at a dinosaur rescue would be quite exciting! Polydactyls are cats with more than the average amount of toes. In Polly and Tippy’s case, it is not just their toes, they also have more than the average amount of charm!


Most cats have eighteen toes all together. Cat’s front feet have five toes, while their back feet have four. Kitty cat toes are pretty cute, so those polydactyl cats should be tremendously proud of their extra toes. Extra toes on cats is genetically inherited. Polly and Tippy are from the same house hold, so there is a good chance that these two many-toed sweeties are related somehow.

Even though Tippy and Polly both have polydactylism, their polydactylism vary from each other. Tippy’s extra toes make her look like she has adorably large feet. Polly has extra toes on the side of her front paws that make her look like she has fuzzy kitty thumbs. Polly is quite a smart cat. I can imagine her using her thumbs to do all sorts of mischievous and delightful antics such as opening things she shouldn’t in order to explore or investigate. Who knows, with her intelligence she may even be able to paint a picture or pen a novel one of these days. With Polly’s thumbs and big brain, she is well on her way to conquering the universe!

Polly is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. She likes to get cuddles, but on her own terms. She is the type of cat that doesn’t fall for nonsense. Sometimes when I get too cutesy-wootsy with her, I can sense her inner eyes rolling. It is like she is saying “Do you take me for a gullible fool lady!? Your cutesy voice has no power over me!” Despite this, she still puts up with me and lets me give he lots of cuddles. Sometimes, when she thinks I am not paying attention, she will even purr for me. I love Polly’s perfect mixture of independence and sweetness.


Tippy’s big, many toed paws are utterly adorable. Tippy is a brave kitty who faces the world with resilience. She always seems to have subtle look of determination glinting in her eyes. When Tippy first arrived, she was a bit under socialized. Although never aggressive, she would sometimes try to escape from my arms when I was carrying her to the playroom. She would do this with such gusto and determination, I couldn’t help but to admire her. Tippy has a kind heart, a fiery resolve and unique spirit. She is a proud, curious and lovable girl. She is a cat with the type of loyalty usually attributed to her canine counterparts.


Tippy has a best cat friend who is her bonded pair. Her bff’s name is Rodeo. Because they are bonded, they will only be adopted out together and will never be separated from each other.  Rodeo came from the same home as Tippy and Polly, but she does not have any extra toes. However, Rodeo has her own physical anomaly that also adds to her beauty. She has two different colored eyes. Tippy and Rodeo love each other so much. They make me want to be a better friend to the people I care about.

Rodeo and her beautiful eyes.

Emerald City Pet Rescue is not alone in our love of wonderful polydactyl cats. Generations of adventurous sailors looked to polydactyls as bringers of good luck. While conducting expeditions of adventure and intrigue on the high seas, sailors had their trusty companions: their lovable polydactyl cats. Polydactyl cats were considered superior ship kitties due their big paws. An average cat must daintily swipe with a normal sized paw at a mouse or rat as it scuttles past. A polydactyl can use their giant paws to immediately capture any rodent stowaways aboard their ship. A normal pawed kitty must lightly prance along the rocking ship floor, while a polydactyl cat can march with confidence! Their big paws were believed to help with balance as the ship tips and tilts over turbulent waves. I can just imagine a wind beaten sailor standing on a ship, staring fondly at the sea with Polly or Tippy at his side bringing him good luck. But of course, these kitties would do just as good a job bringing good luck to us landlubbers!

If you are interested in adding a bit of good luck to your life by the inclusion of either Polly or Tippy and Rodeo into your loving home, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.

(Source for info about polydactyl cats: Moss, Laura. “11 Things You Didn’t Know about Polydactyl Cats.” Mother Nature Network. Narrative Content Group, 16 Sept. 2015. Web. 3 Jan. 2016. <>.)