DailyECPR : Rescue Dogs Movie + Adoption Event Was Awesome!

Last weekend Emerald City Pet Rescue had an AWESOME opportunity to participate in a unique and fun event. Rescue Dogs, a movie starring real rescue dogs premiered at SIFF’s Uptown Cinema in Lower Queen Anne and the catch was that anyone who attended the premiere showings at 12PM on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 was allowed to bring their own dogs right into the theater! The dogs that arrived with their owners were amazingly well behaved; I imagine they all had a really enthusiastic talking-to before heading to the show. “Okay Rover, today you get to go into a place you are normally not allowed to be in so please be on your best behavior!” The variety of dogs who came ranged from a few little yorkies to a Portuguese water dog, yet no matter what the size, all of the pooches were so very wonderful as they enjoyed the film. Why aren’t dogs allowed in theaters ALL the time?

Emerald City Pet Rescue, along with BarkHappy and MudBay was there to greet moviegoers, human and canine alike. We added to the festivities by teaming up with BarkHappy for a raffle at the end of the movie and we gave away some ECPR mugs! As an added bonus we also had an adoption event right across the street at MudBay.

Because we have a specific process for adoptions, we typically usually only bring a few animalss with us to events. Last weekend was the first time we ventured out of that comfort zone and brought a lot of adoptables with us! We didn’t know what to expect going to this new adventure but staff, volunteers and animals alike arrived at the MudBay across from Uptown Theater with optimism and enthusiasm. We were not disappointed!

The dogs and cats that came with us to strut their stuff really hammed it up! Tiny young pup Valentine Lee put on her “cute-face” (let’s be real, she never takes it off!) and won the hearts of nearly everyone who stopped by, but even better than that our little lady charmed one family so much that she got a contract! Mister Chico with his giant personality in a little body was next to win the hearts of a new forever family and the rest of the fur-babies that attended received so much love from the flow of visitors that they didn’t know what to do with it all! People were pouring in to visit with our pooches and kitties starting at 11AM all the way until 3PM on both days. Needless to say, the animals got a very good night’s sleep after all of the commotion!

We want to extend a special thank you to MudBay for being such wonderful hosts. Their adoption event section is stylish and comfortable for both humans and pets and their staff is amazingly kind and helpful. The event wouldn’t have been nearly as much of a success without them!

If you live in the Seattle area and you’re considering adopting a pet but did not get the chance to attend our adoption event, remember that all of our animals are posted on our website at emeraldcitypetrescue.org as well as on Petfinder and AdoptAPet. We always have an abundance of precious furry faces in need of forever loving homes!

DailyECPR : Dobie the House Elf – I mean, Min Pin!

Dobie-Photos20160223_05Dobie the 5 year old house elf – oops, I mean the min pin, is an adorable boy! Dobie came to us with his son Bandit, who was quite a bit larger than him and resembled a rat terrier. We don’t judge Dobie for his choice of baby mama though! I tease, I tease.

Dobie’s eyes are by far his best feature. They are bright and filled with expression. When they look up at you, you can almost hear him whispering, “Love me.. please?”

Dobie is a bit shy around strangers, he likes to make sure you are an awesome person before he relaxes into cuddles but once he has realized how amazing you are, he follows you around faithfully and asks for your full attention. Such an affectionate boy once you’ve gained his trust!

Dobie spent a few years at Hogwarts working in the kitchens, so what he seeks most from a forever family is a sock for his freedom! Since he does great with other dogs, he’d do well in a home alongside his house-elf companion, Winky!

Dobie-Photos20160223_10Okay I’m kidding about the Hogwarts thing. Probably. But Dobie is as sweet of a dog as Dobie was a house elf, and he’d be just as loyal to a loving forever family that house-elf Dobie was to Harry Potter.

Don’t make this special guy wait around too long, we just know there’s a min pin loving family that is more than ready to give him love and receive that love back tenfold.

If you think you just might be the freedom – I mean family, Dobie has been waiting for, give us a call at 206 557 4661 and set up a time to come in and meet this little shy guy, feed him a few treats, and make that special connection that will ensure his happiness for the rest of his life 🙂

DailyECPR : Breed Stereotypes

We’ve all been exposed to breed stereotypes over the years. Some are just “general heresay” while others are actually harmful to the willingness of others to give certain breeds a chance. Take the pit-bull for example; banned by almost all renters, generally spoken of in the general public as if they are mean, dangerous dogs.

I can honestly say that every pit-bull I’ve ever personally interacted with has been sweet, friendly, intelligent and playful; innocent fun-loving dogs who really enjoy human companionship. It is unfortunate that sociopathic dog-fighters focus on this breed simply for its naturally powerful jaws, but to me, assuming that pit bulls are naturally aggressive dogs is akin to assuming every naturally muscular man has great potential to be a bully. Did that sound like an unfair assumption?

Small breeds such as chihuahuas also have a “reputation” of being “yappy” and even aggressive. I have met some chihuahuas who were very protective and barky, and I have met countless who are mellow and friendly toward everyone they meet. I am a firm believer that breed is no indicator of an animal’s aggression level, and that all you can really determine by a dog’s size is how easily a young pup can accidentally knock you over if they get overexcited during playtime.

Without further ado, here’s an excellent website that addresses some unfair breed stereotypes, and debunks them! Its a great source of education to get past the gossip in order to get the real facts, which is extremely important and helpful when trying to make a decision about what type of dog would be the best fit for you and your household 🙂

Bad to the Bone, or Misunderstood?

DailyECPR: Sweet Tweet

Tweet is lovable, loyal and the cutest teeny-tiny charmer in all the world. With his dainty deer ears and big bulgy eyes, Tweet has a constant expression of wonder on his face. Tweet has been at Emerald City Pet Rescue for several months now. He has been patiently awaiting the arrival of his forever people at ECPR’s front doors. He can imagine it now! The perfect person for him would be someone kind, loving, gentle and understanding. Tweet isn’t just looking for any person to show up at Emerald City Pet Rescue. He has certain expectations. Tweet wants a best friend….someone he can share in the joys of the world with. This means it is very important that Tweet finds a person who shares his passions.


Tweet’s greatest passion in life is perfecting the art of coziness. Why live in a hard surfaced and bleak world when you can live in a world full of blankets, warmth and comfort? Tweet’s philosophy is that a life spent enjoying relaxing and a warm and comfy environment is a life well spent. The way Tweet best embraces the cozy life is by burrowing underneath warm blankets. Since Tweet likes the calm lifestyle, he often spends his time in the senior corner of the playroom. This is a gated off-corner where we put older dogs, or any-aged dog who may prefer spending their time in a calmer atmosphere. Tweet is one of our littlest dogs. He does not necessarily want to spend his day dodging and darting away from the larger dogs as they clumsily bound around the playroom, only vaguely aware of the littler dogs scurrying nearby. Tweet appreciates the calm reprieve of the senior corner. Sometimes I will look over to the corner and I will think “Where is Tweet!?” But then, I will notice a blanket with a giant lump in it. The lump will slightly stir. Out pops Tweet’s curious face. “What’s the concern?” Tweet’s expression seems to say. “I was only enjoying some quite moments in the comfort of my blanket fort.”

What goes better with coziness then cuddling? Our cozy connoisseur Tweet certainly agrees that the two are a perfect pairing. Cuddling is Tweet’s other great joy in life. Tweet is a very loyal dog and falls in love with certain people. To Tweet, these people are the apple in his eyes, the stars in the sky, and the sugar in his tea. When he finds someone he absolutely adores, he wants to spend all his time cuddling with them. Whether it be snugly in a lap or anchored in the arms, Tweet is all about a good cuddle session. It is easy to see the great peace that cuddling brings Tweet. Nothing makes Tweet enjoy the beauty in life like a good cuddle with a great friend.


But Tweet isn’t completely inflexible. If someone he adores has an interest that Tweet doesn’t necessarily share, he is willing to make an effort. For instance…walking! Dogs are known for their love of walking. But Tweet is an independent guy who doesn’t allow rules of dogkind to dictate his opinions. He thinks walking is only so-so. But his apathetic outlook on walks doesn’t mean he’ll refuse a walk. He is willing to give it a shot. But, after walking a short distance, don’t be surprised if Tweet looks up at you with his big eyes. It is easy to see in those eyes that he is saying “Okay, I walked. I’m ready to be carried.” Well, compromise is an essential part of any successful friendship.

Oh, Sweet Tweet! Specialist of all that is comfy and cozy! Master of cuddling! Perfecter of the sweet and lovable! King of cute! Little Tweet is ready to find his home and his best friend. He is ready to snuggle up on a couch. He is ready to curl up in gentle and inviting arms. Tweet is not only ready for his forever home, his sweet heart and lovable personality makes him more than deserving of one! If Tweet may be the perfect fit for your home, please call ECPR at 206 557 4661. Your new little friend is awaiting your arrival!


DailyECPR : An Editorial; Mistakes and Triumps as a Pet-Mommy

IMG_0395           As a dedicated ECPR employee I have a lot of passion for writing about our precious adoptable animals, the events we create and participate in, our amazing staff and volunteers, and more. In addition to keeping everyone up to date with our adoptables and happenings I now bring you all a first-person editorial series about being a pet parent; the mistakes, the hiccups, the milestones, the joys and the day by day learning that goes along with caring for and loving furkids!

Growing up I considered myself to be a cat person. I still adored dogs but my cat-focused obsession stemmed from the fact that I adopted a kitten when I was eleven who became my best friend in the world, the one living being that was always there for me, never judged me, never betrayed me, never failed to cuddle when I needed a hug. Having such a trusting relationship with my precious feline was incredibly important to my emotional development, especially during those tough teenage years. Tinkerbelle was my best friend through and through.

I had always wanted a golden retriever but my mother didn’t want dogs in her house. When I was a teenager, my stepmom got a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and I adored Willie but he was her dog in the sense that she was his caretaker. I loved playing with Willie and spending time with him but it’s not the same type of relationship you have when you alone care for an animal full-time.

IMG_0197            In the early 2000’s a movie blasted through the theaters called “Legally Blonde.” (I LOVE that movie by the way.) The main character Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon had a pet Chihuahua that she always carried in a purse.

Naturally, the popularity of Chihuahuas BLEW UP! Everyone realized how adorable it was to have a little purse dog you can dress up and carry around and suddenly an abundance of Chihuahua puppies had new homes, designer wardrobes and jewel-studded collars.

Years ago my beloved Tinkerbelle passed away after many medical complications. I was pet-less for a while, but losing the best friend I ever had left a hole in my heart that wasn’t getting any better. I knew I could never replace how special she was to me but when I felt ready I decided to adopt a new cat. I visited a rescue with the intention of bringing home a kitty but my eyes drifted instead toward a tiny little dog. The moment she noticed that my attention was on her, she raised her ears which seemed much too large for her head in the cutest way possible, locked her giant, sad eyes on me, and yawned. That was it. I knew instantly without a doubt that Lily was my dog. I could almost hear her saying, “You’ll be my new mommy, right?” Yes. Yes I will.

Lily, now a 5lb Chihuahua/Yorkie mix, was ten months old when I brought her home. She was a few months past that especially young puppy stage but she still had a lot of growing and learning to do. At ten months she was still a puppy. As a first time dog owner that had no prior experience raising a puppy, especially a small-breed, I went only with what I saw on “Legally Blonde”. I instantly bought Lily a jewel-studded collar, tons of dresses and doggie shirts, and yes, the dog purse. Lily instantly became my best buddy. Although she could never replace Tinkerbelle in my heart, she found a place all her own and we became inseparable.

As all first-time parents do, I made a few mistakes with Lily. As much as I love bringing Lily with me everywhere, she gets very anxious when left alone, so much so that it triggers her anxiety to a concerning level. I let her sleep in bed with me right away upon adopting her. I brought her shopping. I rarely walked her on a leash other than to take her outside to potty. I allowed her to become so dependent on me that if I so much as leave a room we are both in, she starts crying her little heart out.

In spite of my mistakes with Lily, I feel very fortunate that she is patient, loving, and a near-perfect dog in reference to her disposition. She couldn’t be sweeter if she tried. Little kids can tug on her ears and tail, and carry her around awkwardly and she allows them to. Handicapped people can hug and kiss on her and she is quiet as a mouse and endlessly accommodating. She doesn’t growl or nip. She handles new situations with nonchalance and isn’t fazed by much.

Working in rescue has really shined a light on just how lucky I truly am because I don’t feel like I can take credit for Lily’s amazing disposition. I coddled her a lot when I first brought her home. I took her a lot of places, but I didn’t pass her around from person to person or expose her to playtime with other dogs. She spent our early travel and errand days looking out at the world from a dog purse.

Pay attention everyone because I’m about to write the most important sentence of this editorial. Small dogs are still dogs. There it is, right there! One more time : Small dogs are still dogs.

Would you exclusively carry a German shepherd in a purse? Would you exclusively carry a Saint Bernard in a purse? Would you assume your Akita is too delicate to go on walks in the big bad scary outdoors? I’m guessing most of you said no in your head.

Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, terriers etc; they may be small but they are still dogs. They still have all the same desires, instincts and needs that large breed dogs have, for the most part. (You probably don’t need to take your Chihuahua on runs twice a day to give them enough exercise, but you get the point!) Eventually, I started putting the leash on Lily and taking her on walks. She LOVES it! She loves running up to people and other dogs and saying Hello. She loves sniffing all of the glorious outdoor smells, peeing on bushes, and digging in the dirt. She is a dog. Here at the rescue, she enjoys going into our playroom and playing with the other dogs. She has a habit of picking a “favorite” dog and following them around for as long as I’ll let her (hours if she had the opportunity!). Since I have learned and grown as a dog-mommy, I’ve been able to let Lily be the dog that she is and I know she is happier and more enriched because of it.

Again though, I don’t consider my experience, nor my dog, the “norm.” As we are a rescue that currently focuses on rescuing small breed dogs, I see a LOT of dogs come through here that, for all I know, may have very well come from inexperienced pet-parents who let their tiny pooch’s behavior slide just a bit too far. “Oh look my four-pound dog is growling, how cute! Let’s encourage her, isn’t it funny!?” But it’s not so funny when that dog starts biting you, or others. This is not their fault. They are not bad dogs. They have simply not been taught boundaries, manners, or been given the security of a dependable, loving home and caregiver.

Lily could have easily become a problem dog beyond just her separation anxiety. There are many behavioral issues she could have developed simply because I was too inexperienced at the time to understand that sometimes with puppies, you need to show them tough love. Sometimes you need to let them cry in their kennels so they learn that it’s okay to be alone once in a while. Put peanut butter in a kong toy. Make their crate a fun experience and not a traumatic one. If they growl or nip, you need to correct them. Say “no” to nipping, but also understand that as puppies, they are teething. If you say “no” to your fingers, give them a toy that they are allowed and encouraged to chew on instead, instantly. Say “no” to something, but immediately say “yes” to something else. If they display inappropriate behavior or if they are not listening, put them in a time-out or refuse to pay attention to them until they adjust their behavior. For example, if a dog is jumping on you, ignore them until they calm down or sit nicely, THEN love on them and tell them what a good dog they are.) As soon as they do what you’d like them to do (stop trying to nip your fingers, quiet down from crying in a crate, etc) reward them. Let them know how good they are being.

Take your dog on walks. Yes, even if they are a 3 pound Chihuahua. Let them smell and explore in the outdoors. Let them play with other dogs. Let them meet new people. Give them as many positive and new experiences as you can, as often as you can and you will have a wonderful, well-adjusted dog.

Lily is amazingly forgiving with me for my early mistakes with her. She is a tiny, precious little chorkie, but she is still a dog and still needs to do doggie things. I love her so much for so many reasons, but what I find most incredible about her is that despite the mistakes I made with her, she knows that I love her and she loves me back unconditionally.

I recently added a new puppy into my family. She is even smaller than Lily at only 2lbs right now, charting maybe 4lbs as a fully grown Chihuahua. I know I will make mistakes with her, too. I’ll sometimes cave in and cuddle her when she’s crying because it breaks my heart, but I’ll try to be strong and wait until she’s quiet before I let her out of her crate so she will learn it’s not a punishment being in there, and that she will be okay. I’ll remember to be firm when she nips at me and say NO, but I’ll immediately present her with a toy or a chewy and praise her when she starts chewing on that. Lily, my best friend, my guardian angel, my faithful, understanding, patient, forgiving companion, helped me learn a lot. I can’t wait to see what kind of dog my puppy will grow into. I hope she’s half as loving and forgiving as my precious Lily. I hope she realizes what an amazing big sister she has and I hope she looks up to her. I hope I can be a good enough pet-mommy to never let either of them feel like they are second best, I want them to both feel equally loved and cared for. I will try not to coddle her for her small size and let her get “down and dirty” sometimes. I will pass her to strangers and not hover. I will let her play with other dogs so she learns to interact with them in healthy ways. I will still make mistakes, but I love them enough to try and learn every day and ultimately that’s what being a mommy is all about.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a good dog-parent. No one can know everything, or always make the perfect choices when it comes to their pet. Just love them the way they love you. Do what you can for them. Be willing to learn what you don’t know. Be willing to help them learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Pay attention to your dog, they will tell you what they need but don’t let them walk all over you, either. Find a balance. Realize that what you have with your dog is a relationship.

As John Grogan, the author of “Marley and Me” says, “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.”

DailyECPR : All The New Guys

LiveStreamEvery Wednesday, here at Emerald City Pet Rescue we’ve begun a habit of inviting people into our facility virtually via a LIVESTREAM broadcast of the puppy playroom. We broadcast every Wednesday at 3:30PM PST via the app PERISCOPE. Simply click on the photo to the left to watch!

We love to show off how adorable our adoptable dogs are! Can’t make it when it’s Live? No worries, it’s always available for playback for 24 hours after the broadcast ends!

Today was definitely fun because we have a LOT of new dogs in this week! We have a litter of six chihuahua mix puppies from California that are only three months old, a bonded pair of pekineses, a super friendly young, tiny chi named Junebug, an older lap-loving chi mix named Simba, a minpin named Dobbie, and more! These dogs are friendly, mischievous, sweet, playful and loving; perfectly adoptable and waiting here at our SoDo facility for their forever homes.


DailyBlog : Josephine Finds Her Forever Home!

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we rescue dogs with all sorts of different challenges. Sometimes their challenges are physical whether it be paralysis, ACL, or vision or hearing loss and sometimes the challenges are emotional, fear that lingers from past abuse and/or neglect.

Josie-1Several months ago, we rescued an adorable terrier mix named Josephine. She is rather young, we estimated her to be about two years old. When Josie trusts you, she is a calm, sweet cuddle bug who wants to be in your arms for hours at a time. The challenge is that you have to work hard to earn Miss Josie’s trust.

Josie was found wandering the streets of Sacremento with a puppy in tow. She and her puppy, Napoleon, were flown to Seattle and brought to our facility. Josie, a lhasa apso mix, was naturally protective of Napoleon (what mother isn’t?) but a very sweet dog. As Napoleon was of age we separated them into different kennels so they could begin to get some space from each other. Soon after arriving, Napoleon got a contract and was adopted!

Josie-2Unfortunately with her puppy now gone, Josie began feeling protective over other things and even displayed some signs of depression. We didn’t blame her in the least. From her point of view, her puppy disappeared forever and she didn’t understand why. She began guarding the door to the playroom and was very wary of others. Our staff, lead by our on-site trainer designed a plan to help Josie through the rough transition of arriving at the rescue and then losing her pup by creating a routine of positive reinforcement. It was such a special moment when a staff member finally earned Josie’s trust. You know what they say, earning the adoration of a guarded heart is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Meet and greets with potential adopters were a challenge for our little Josie because she does not bound up to strangers and show them all her love at once. We understood; she was holding out for the perfect adopter, one who understood her sensitive little heart and had the patience, experience and desire to build a relationship with her, earn her trust, and really show her that a Happily Ever After was something she truly deserved. Several people came to meet her over the months she has been with us but no one was quite the right fit –

Josie-3Until now! We are so excited to announce that this special little bundle of fluff has found her perfect match, her forever home, her Happily Ever After.

At ECPR, we get excited about all adoptions of course but when a pup like Josephine who is sweet as pie to those that have gotten to know her well but a bit challenging with strangers finds that perfect match, that kind, patient, loving person to break through their walls of fear and show them what being loved and forever cared for is really like, it touches our hearts in a special way. The staff and volunteers that have won Josie’s trust (and even those who haven’t, because we’ve seen how amazing she is even from a distance) will miss her terribly, but getting her ready to head to the home she deserves is what ECPR is all about. It’s why we do what we do.

Congratulations, Josie! May you never know hunger, disappointment, sorrow or abandonment ever again. We are so proud of you, so happy for you, and we hope you know you are forever loved!