Woody Searches For His Forever Home

adopt-me Meet Woody the Cocker Spaniel, currently available for adoption at Emerald City Pet Rescue!

Woody is an energetic 10-month old puppy who LOVES to snuggle and play!

So far in his life, Woody has had very little exposure to the world around him, so he can be fearful until he gets comfortable in new situations.

Woody can be a bit nervous around new people, but all it takes to win his heart is a good treat. Then, he becomes your BFF!

w1Woody is learning to walk nicely on a leash. He is working on commands. Currently, he knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’.

Woody requires an experienced adopter with plans to provide lots of training and exposure opportunities. Woody will make the extra time worth it; he is a stunning dog with a loving personality. Woody does get along with other dogs as long as they are ready to play! Woody needs a home with no small children, but children over 12 years old would be fine.

Woody does get along with other dogs as long as they are ready to play! Woody needs a home with 12 and older due to his boisterous nature; like most young dogs he doesn’t yet understand his size!

If Woody sounds like the perfect dog for you, give us a call at 206 557 4661!

Mischevious Thelma Wants a Home!

thelma1Meet Thelma, a VERY SPECIAL dog who came to us from SOI dogs all the way from Thailand!

Thelma is a ridiculous, goofy, ball of sillyness. She is an explorer and loves to sniff around in the woods. She has a fair amount of energy and she is always smiling. She is an accomplished climber and she is smart enough to open doors of varying styles. She has prey drive towards cats, but also does well with small dogs. She is incredibly playful with other dogs, but sometimes her excitement gets the best of her- she comes on very strong. She has alright leash walking skills and she is a fast learner. The leadership program is really starting to show results with her, she is learning to sit for pets instead of head butting you. She would be a good dog for kids with her happy, playful attitude.

thelma2Thelma is truly wonderful she but does require a very experienced new family due to her high intelligence and her past as a savvy street dog.

If you are in the Seattle area and you think you may have the confidence and willingness to make this wonderful girl a part of your family, give us a call at 206 557 4661

DailyECPR: The Animals Prepare for Halloween

It is a 20151025_164712wonderful time of the year! The air is crisp, the trees are full of red and orange leaves and Halloween is just around the corner! Soon, the ghouls, ghosts and goblins will go wild, cackling away on All Hallows Eve! But here at ECPR, we embrace the spooky yet fun-loving spirit of Halloween.

Our amazing Administration Assistant Chandra has got the creative spark! She has decorated Emerald City Pet Rescue’s headquarters with an array of beautiful and creepy decorations.

20151025_165221 20151025_164719

But at Emerald City Pet Rescue, it is not just the humans that embrace the Halloween spirit, our doggie friends are ready to celebrate!

Here is our lovely Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie, with her gentle demeanor and love for play has charmed the heart of everyone she has ever met. Here she is dressed as a cute little caterpillar. Sweetie Pie spends all her life as beautiful as a butterfly, so it is no surprise that she would want to dress as a caterpillar.

20151025_164436 20151025_164452

If you were to ask Fiona, she would say she is not dressed up for Halloween. She is dressed how she should be adorned every day, in a fancy shawl! Here she is with her personal stylist, Jess. The two make quite the cute pair!


Little Cocoa is dressed as a fuzzy gray unicorn. Just kidding, he’s an elephant! Elephants are known for their adorableness and kind hearts. It is no surprise sweet Cocoa would identify with the noble elephant. With his good-natured personality, he would easily fit into any elephant herd, despite his tiny size.


The ECPR playroom is full of little princes and princesses…. Or at least that is the way we strive to treat all our doggie friends. Little Tikki is no exception. Here she is, adorned in a the fashion of her people… the pink princess dress! Tikki is a kind-hearted and good princess who rules her kingdom with love and compassion.


Shark attack! There is no cuter shark in all the great seas then beautiful Vicki Lee. Vicki spends most of her time as a tiny and adorable Chihuahua. For Halloween, she wanted to experience what it would be like to be an intimidating creature such as a shark! I hate to break it to little Vicki, but she is just as cute as a shark! If you see her all dolled up in her shark outfit, pretend you are really scared!


Roarrrr!!!!! Candy Lou is a dinosaur! Just like Vicky Lee, Candy Lou spends her entire existence as a sweet, little and adorable pooch. She was ready to try out being something ferocious! Part of the fun of Halloween is getting to be someone or something different for a little bit. Can’t you just imagine little Candy roaming around the prehistoric days of yore? All around her, thundering steps of mighty dinosaurs, as Candy Lou roams the vast expanse of giant fern covered landscapes. If you’d ask Candy Lou what she would do in prehistoric times, she would probably tell you that she’d befriend a pterodactyl who would agree to give her a ride through the prehistoric skies. That Candy Lou- a little dog with big dreams!

20151025_161549 20151025_161550

Here is Mara. She is pouting. She didn’t want to be a lion for Halloween! She wanted to be a wolf, or even a coyote- at least something dog related. Certainly she had not planned on being something as ridiculous as a big cat! But Mara’s a good sport. She agreed to dress in the lion outfit for just a short time, so I could get a picture of her. She let me snap the picture, but she refused to pretend she actually enjoyed being dressed as a cat!


We like to encourage our animal friends to monkey around. Playful fun is good for the soul. Little Lupe took our encouragement a bit too literally. Here he is as a banana loving monkey! Normally, Lupe reminds me of a lion. He has a yellow fringe around his cute face like a miniature lions mane. But Lupe was ready to embrace the joyful spirit of the monkey. He may have lion hair, but his heart is that of a playful monkey!


On Halloween, when the witches go zooming through the sky on their crooked brooms and the monsters slink around every corner, our little troupe of dogs will be ready. The Emerald City Pet Rescue animals say “Halloween, here we come!”


DailyECPR: Rainy Days Can’t Bring These Dogs Down

It was a typical Northwest day today: gray skies and drizzle. It wasn’t quite raining cats and dogs, more like raining kittens and puppies. Although many of our dogs come from Southern California with all of its sunshine and dry days, the dogs were not deterred by a little bit of water. Chuco and Oswald were quite eager to explore the outdoors, as you can see by the picture of Chuco impatiently jumping at the door.

So fellow kennel attendant Ellis and I harnessed up our two pals and headed out on a walk. We encourage the adventurous spirit of the dog! Loving every aspect of life, whether wet or dry, is just one of the many reasons to admire dogs. But we still must be practical, therefore our two walking companions were suited up in fashionable red rain jackets. This way they could appreciate the beauty and peace of a rainy day while remaining warm.


Chuco and Oswald were not the only brave souls to venture forth on this dreary day. Oswald was fascinated by a fellow rain wanderer: A man on a bike with his own D.I.Y. rain jacket made from a garbage bag. I think Oswald was impressed by his inventiveness, but knew the man’s jacket had nothing on his own dapper red jacket!


Today was a Seahawks game in Seattle. On our walk, we all encountered many a football fan who decided their passion for the sports outweighed any desire to stay warm and dry. Even though Chuco and Oswald were not wearing the team colors, the two trend-setting pooches received several complements from passing Seahawks fans.


While on our walk, Chuco and Oswald insisted we stop to smell all the interesting odors that the rain was stirring up. Oh, those shrubs and leaves and dirt smell so fascinating! I’m sure Oswald and Chuco think it is rather sad that we humans with our pitiful sense of smell can’t enjoy the refined pleasure of smelling every nook and cranny of a rainy day walk.

20151018_120212 20151018_120218

Sometimes though, a rain coat isn’t enough. We’ve had a couple of days where the down poor of rain was so strong, the dogs would have been soaked within minutes of their walk. Instead of raining cats and dogs, it was raining tigers and wolves. We walk dogs for many reasons: Exercise, stimulation and enrichment to name a few. So, when the day is so rainy that we cannot take the dogs outside, we must find other ways to provide these things for our dogs.

One great way to provide both stimulation and enrichment is through nosework. As noted above, the dog’s sense of smell is something amazing! Therefore, engaging dogs in a way that uses their nose is stimulating to the dogs. Here is how to do nosework.

What you need is delicious treats and several boxes.

First place the boxes in several different locations within a room. In some but not all the boxes, place a couple of treats. Bring the dog into the room and say, “go find it!” Don’t give the dog any hints, after all, dogs are scent geniuses and they probably won’t need any hints. When I have given dogs hints in the past, they seem to look up at me with eyes that say ‘Oh human, how you underestimate me!”  Once the dog does find the treat in any of the boxes, celebrate! Tell them how good they are and make them feel special. Today, Mara and I worked on nosework together. She had a blast pretending she was a dog detective, hot on the trail of treats! This little lady with her powerful nose could solve any scent based mystery!

20151018_164728(0) 20151018_164732 20151018_164815 20151018_165054

For exercise, there are plenty of fun ways to get your dog’s heart beating while remaining indoors. Our trainer Erin created this wonderful dog toy that Jayme is using in the picture. It is basically a dog version of the common cat toy utilizing a stick, rope and toy. The human swings around the toy on the rope while the dogs joyfully chase after it. This toy is a thrill for both human and dog. Every time I use this toy with our dogs, I end up in fits of laughter. It is so much fun watching all the creative and exuberant ways the dogs try to capture the toy while it swings around them.


Traditional methods of play work amazingly well in the endeavor to provide exercise for the dogs. We have beautiful tug toys that a troupe of clever girl scouts made for our dogs. The dogs love these toys! Harley and I had a fun round of tug-a-war with the tug toy. Harley really embraces tug-a-war with all his heart. He grabs onto the toy and shakes his head like he is doing a wild doggy dance. His long beautiful fur swirls around him. Harley gets completely lost in the merriment of play.


Another amazing, tried-and-true form of play is the classic game of fetch. What is more enticing to a dog then a ball! The ball may be still now, but at any moment the ball could soar through the air! Chuco and Madonna both looked wide-eyed with excitement and anticipation as they wait for that ball to soar!


With typical doggie enthusiasm, our ECPR dogs embrace and conquer the rainy day with joy and gusto. No rainy day can bring our dogs down!

DailyECPR : Check Out Our Retail Selection!

We love talking about the rescue animals on a daily basis (who wouldn’t? They are precious!) but we don’t want to forget about other aspects of ECPR. With our retail store growing fast, we wanted to introduce our products to our blog followers, adopters, shoppers, and – well, everyone! We have a whole different blog being set up currently that will have updated information on our products, pet health tips and more, but in the meantime here’s a very short glimpse of what our retail side has to offer.

Store The ECPR store, attached to our rescue facility here in SoDo, carries many specialty food brands that we thoroughly research before we decide to carry. We are confident that we only sell the best of the best and that our products will be beneficial to your pet. Our amazing staff is knowledgeable in all products and will be able to answer any and all of your questions in depth when you are trying to decide what is best for your pet. Think of us like a Mud Bay, only all of the profits from our store go directly back into our rescue effort! Did I also mention that adopters get a permanent discount when purchasing products from our store?

One of the things our retail employees (and a large majority of our general staff here at ECPR) advocate for is the benefits of feeding your dog or cat a raw diet. In nature, animals will hunt and eat animals raw so we figure, just because they are domesticated doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same yumminess! A lot of dogs that have had digestive issues have actually improved tenfold with raw diets. Other types of animal foods occasionally have ingredients that some pets have trouble digesting such as corn, grains, etc that help with the preservation of the food itself but can cause occasional problems in their tummy. We carry special raw brands such as Stella and Chewey’s and Rad Cat. From personal experience, switching my own pets to a raw diet has helped in ways that benefit me as well – their #2 is far less stinky! They get very excited for mealtimes and eat a healthy amount. Their coats have never been shinier!

Be sure to stop by our store and ask our employees for more information on the health benefits of a raw diet as well as a variety of other products in dry foods and wet foods that we carry. They will be happy to help you get your pet in tip-top shape!

If you don’t live near our rescue, you can still purchase our products via our online storefront! Just like our physical store, our online selection profits go directly back to help the rescue effort! visit our new storefront online at www.emeraldcitypetrescue.com !

Have an excellent weekend everyone, we’ll be back on Sunday to give you all the latest ECPR pet gossip! (Gossip in a good way!)

Emerald City Pet Rescue

DailyECPR : A Ruby in the Rough

One of the countless amazing things about working at a rescue is that every day, unexpected gifts drop by in the form of furry creatures to brighten up our days. Today, I got to meet a new little princess named Ruby. She is a yorkie, an older gal with limited vision who couldn’t be calmer or sweeter if she tried. I know virtually nothing about her backstory (yet) but I did get to sit quietly with her for a short time and introduce myself. At first she was shy, but when I offered my hand she decided to tentatively approach. She gave it a thorough sniff. Still, I didn’t want to overwhelm or frighten her so when she was through sniffing, I returned my hand to my side respectfully to allow her to get more comfortable in my presence before trying to pet her or pick her up.

IMG_0135That’s when my precious Lily decided to intervene. She had been a quiet little angel while I had allowed Ruby to sniff me, but after I returned my hand to my side, she chose to bridge the gap and approach Ruby herself. Lily mimicked my respectful quietness and kept her eyes on Ruby as she approached to make sure she wasn’t afraid. Ruby stood still, but her ears were perked and she was sitting up with curiosity rather than crouching down with nervousness. Lily continued to approach her before ever so gently touching her nose to Ruby’s. This still did not frighten sweet Ruby, and in moments the two of them were exchanging backside-sniffs (a very good sign in dogs introducing themselves to each other), walking around each other in curious circles and making friends. While I can see why I was told Ruby was shy, it gave me so much joy to see her opening up to Lily, as well as being willing to allow her curiosity about me overcome her fear. This is definitely a dog with a sweet-as-pie disposition who just needs a chance to gain a little bit of confidence. She will make a wonderful pet for someone who wants a sweet lap dog!

IMG_0136As for Lily, her “boyfriend” Peter, a chihuahua who loves to be cuddled, went to his new forever home a few days ago and I could tell that since then, Lily has seemed a bit lost in the play-room. She is always kind to the other dogs but she just didn’t have that same bounce in her step and visible excitement that she did when she and Peter got to play. To see her being so willing to befriend “the new gal” and to communicate to Ruby in silent doggy-language, “its okay, we’re nice here” was absolutely precious and maybe just the right kind of encouragement Ruby needs to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. I can’t wait to spend some more time with this precious little gem, and to allow her and Lily to continue to form a healthy, mutually encouraging friendship. That’s what I love mos about ECPR, getting the opportunity to actually watch the dogs come out of their shells and be all that they can be.

If you’re interested in setting up a meet and greet with this perfect little princess, call us at 206 557 4661.

The weekend is almost here… yaaaay!

Emerald City Pet Rescue

DailyECPR : Prom Queen Of The Playroom

Some High Schools have cliques while others are more lax and less socially segregated. The media loves to exaggerate the idea of cliques, and “cult classics” often either emphasize the humor within said social standings or use them to try and show us that there is more to life than who gets voted Prom Queen.

Lily-2 Although the specific social dynamics of the playroom here at ECPR are forever changing depending on the particular dogs we have at any given time, there is a constant I have come to observe lately that I have found quite interesting!

I have a four year old chorkie (Chihuahua/yorkie mix) who, although she is a rescue, was rescued before ECPR. Still, she comes to work with me every day and this spoiled little Princess who answers to the name of Lily Lou Who has a bed on my desk, and also gets to spend time in the playroom socializing with the other dogs.

The very moment I set Lily down in the playroom, the other dogs swarm her with focused interest and awe. This is not because she is new (although she is new to the new dogs, she tends to spend a little bit of time in the playroom daily so the dogs that have been here for a while are very familiar with her) but rather, because –well to be honest, I’m not sure what it is! Maybe it’s her fancy wardrobe (don’t tell her that I purchase her outfits on amazon.com for $5 bucks a piece, she thinks they are from Prada) or maybe it’s her shining diamond collar (don’t tell her the shiny things are fake and that the collar only cost $3.50, she thinks it is from Tiffany’s.) I briefly considered the other dogs might view Lily as special because she has already found her fur-ever home, but so has Pixie (who belongs to kennel attendant Jayme), Athena (who belongs to kennel attendant Bethany), and SoHo (who belongs to kennel supervisor Erica) and the other dogs don’t fawn over them like they do with Lily. Don’t get me wrong, they’re wonderful, loved dogs, but for some reason Lily’s presence in the playroom causes her to be the center of curious attention.

Lily-1 Lily is graceful about her epic popularity. She does walk around the playroom holding her tail up while prancing lightly on her delicate feet, but she is patient with her worshippers, rarely snapping or growling at them and accepting their invitations to play with a joyful, gracious spirit. Perhaps her always optimistic and kind attitude is the very thing that attracts the other dogs to her.

I don’t feel I can take credit for what a good dog Lily is, her personality would be fabulous with or without me but I do feel proud of her when she sets a good example for the other dogs. At home, she loves the seven foster kitties I am currently caring for and when I let them run around my living room, she gently herds them, cleans them, and cuddles with them. Every person she meets is potentially her new best friend. Every dog or cat she meets must be greeted with a sniff and a hopeful wag of her tail. In fact, Lily’s tail never stops wagging.

Lily’s confidence and happy-go-lucky trust in others is the type of happiness that we wish for all of the dogs that come through ECPR. Some of them have been through hard times, and in their life journeys, things have happened that have caused them to fear certain situations. Although I always get a kick out of watching the dogs surround Lily with piqued interest, as I watch Lily interact with them, I’m glad she is so happy to socialize with them and show them that making new friends is something to look forward to and not something to fear. As sappy as it is, I’m proud of my little Princess.

Lily’s popularity is exactly as popularity should be; an inspiration rather than a fear, loved by all because of her universal kindness and not because she entices anyone to fear her. I truly believe that every single dog that comes through ECPR has the potential to be just as wonderful and loving as Lily, and watching them slowly come out of their shells and learn to wag their tails with excitement when a new person enters the playroom is like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. That’s part of what I love most about ECPR, the kennel staff’s amazing ability to bring out the best in every single pet that comes through our doors. For the pets, ECPR is just one stop in their long life journey, but we truly strive to be the stop right before they reach their happily ever after. If you’re looking for furry love, set up a meet and greet with one of our sweet-as-pie four-legged friends today! 206 557 4661

Emerald City Pet Rescue