Cito – November Dog of the Month!

C1.jpgSay hello to Cito, one of our new rescue arrivals! This handsome little Chihuahua boy has 12 years under his belt, and can’t wait to share many more with a forever family of his own.

Cito is incredibly polite and intelligent. He knows the command for “sit” and can’t wait to learn even more through training as he improves his manners.

Cito would prefer a home with children over 7 years old because of his size and gentle nature, especially if the home can match his mellow, easygoing vibe. This boy is all lover and no fighter. He thoroughly enjoys sharing affection, being held, and crawling into your lap for a good, long cuddle! We are unsure of how Cito does with cats at this time, but when it comes to people, Cito is incredibly loving and can’t wait to share his love with you!

c2Cito is missing many of his teeth, so his tongue likes to hang out on the side of his mouth. We think it gives him lots of character! He is quickly becoming a staff favorite, his loving disposition is just too addicting! Although he is twelve, that is only middle-aged for many chihuahuas and he still has so much life and love left in him to give.

Cito is fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped. For more information or to meet Cito, please call Emerald City Pet Rescue 206-557-4661!

DailyECPR: Beautiful Friendships

There are few things more special than friendship with an animal pal. Animal friends are the best snuggle buddies, amazing confidants, and always add cheer to the day. Nothing tickles my heart like a big doggie grin or the way cats slowly close their eyes in pure contentment. Humans are not the only ones who think animals are amazing friends. Many animals agree, as they have great and beautiful friendships with each other. Some animals have such strong friendships that it would be cruel to separate the friends by adopting them out separately. These animals are considered bonded pairs. At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have had several bonded pairs.

When I first started working at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we had two adorable bonded rascals: Harry and Sally. They were brindle chihuahua pug mixes who just adored each other. Harry was Mr. Personable, always running up to his people friends asking for pets. Sally was a bit shyer, but her bonded pal Harry made her feel braver. With his help, she felt more confident asking for cuddles too.

Another bonded pair we had were Rocky and Coco. These two fluffy black dogs had the sweetest smiles and the gentlest dispositions. They also had a bit of a mischievous streak which just made them all the more endearing. Every morning when I came into work, they would be in the best mood. They would be prancing around their kennel, Rocky always with his favorite orange bone in his mouth. They looked like they were doing a happy dance, celebrating the morning while everyone else in the world seemed to be groggy and grumpy.

It is more difficult to adopt bonded pairs. Usually potential adopters are only looking for one dog or one cat, so when two must be adopted out together, it takes more patience to find them their perfect forever home. But it is always worth the wait! The animals want to spend their life with their best animal friend. It is important to respect the friendships and love animals build for each other.

Right now, we have several bonded pairs looking for their forever home.

Two of the sweetest, most loving cats in all the world are currently part of the ECPR animal crew. They are Tippy and Rodeo. These two sisters have such an inspiring friendship. They love to curl up and snuggle with each other. While curled up next to each other, they are in the perfect state of contentment. Tippy is a little shyer than Rodeo, but she feels braver when her sister is around. Rodeo stands up for her sister and makes sure she is comfortable. When these two are in the cat playroom together, they are always right next to each other.

Tippy has a gravelly old lady meow that is utterly charming! Tippy is tentative and gentle. She really wants to spend all her time with her sister, who makes her feel brave and important. Rodeo is the more adventurous of the two sisters. She likes to explore and is full of that curiosity cats are notorious for.

20151110_131427 20151115_165432

We have two adorable elderly pooches who are a bonded pair. They are Piggles and Humphrey. Both of these tiny dogs have hearts of gold and sturdy brave constitutions of little warriors. They are tiny and quite vulnerable, but they are not deterred by living in a world physically much more imposing than they are. Piggles in particular is not afraid of speaking her mind. She is feisty in the best way possible. She dislikes when puppies get too close to her and she makes sure to let them know. She goes “Grrr…grumble, arf a20151115_161721rf!” Since I spend much time with dogs, I can translate this to English for you. Piggles is saying “Get away from me you silly puppy! Can’t you see I am a queen among dogs and deserve my space!” Humphrey has a bit more of a mellow, go with the flow personality. He doesn’t mind puppies. He likes to trot around the playroom, exploring and investigating. Although the two are very bonded, they also are not afraid to be independent. So while Piggles yells at puppies, Humphrey will find a nice spot in the sun to relax. But, after a while, they are drawn to each other, and once again they snuggle up and revel in each other’s company.

20151115_143716 20151115_161714

One of our bonded pairs is going home soon. Congratulations to Serena and Venus! These two are strikingly beautiful cats! They are very shy though, so it took them a little longer to find their home. But I think once they have the opportunity to live in their own home, they will overcome their shyness quite rapidly. After all, they have each other to encourage bravery and growth.


Watching bonded pairs interact can teach a person a lot about the importance of friendship. Great friends are there for us when we are scared or stressed. Serena may feel scared when she meets a new person, but she has Venus there to comfort her. Friends can encourage us to be the best version of our self. Tippy may feel shy at times, but watching her sister navigate the world with enthusiasm helps Tippy overcome her shyness. There is nothing better than spending a relaxing day lounging around with a friend. Humphrey and Piggles can attest to that as they lay upon their fancy blanket in the playroom. Animal friendships are a lot like human friendships, they make the world more wonderful and they make life all the sweeter.

Cocoa insisted that he deserved a shout out in this post. Here he is, trying to convince me his toy bear was his “bonded pair.” Nice try, Cocoa! That little pooch sure has a wild imagination!


DailyECPR: Oh Little Harper, Why Are You Still Here?


One thing ECPR staff sometimes ask their animal friends is “Why are you still here?” This question is usually asked of charming, ado20151108_133208rable and highly adoptable animals that for some reason have not yet found their forever home.
All the animals at ECPR are welcome to stay here as long as it takes them to find their forever home. It takes some animals much less time than others. Often times the sweet, adorable, well-behaved and friendly dogs find their forever home the quickest. Some of our animals have had hard lives and need more emotional, behavioral or physical rehabilitation before they are really able to find the right home. Some of our animals may have certain personality quirks that make finding their forever home a little more difficult, but never impossible. Some of the animals we have are very shy and their true charm doesn’t show until they feel more comfortable. But other times, we have animals that seem to have all the qualities of an easy to adopt animal, but they are still here!

Introducing….Harper! Why is this sweet little puppy stll here? She came in with her mother and her litter mates. Her mom and four siblings already found their home. But for some reason, our lil’ gal Harper has not found her forever home.

Harper is a delightful little dog who loves both human beings and her fellow dogkind. She is an expert cuddler. I always find Harper cuddling in the most bizarre and precious ways. One of our ECPR dogs will be stretched out in the playroom, obviously enjoying the pure joy of relaxation. Harper will come trotting along and she will plop down on top of the other dog as if every dog in the playroom was her potential couch or headrest.


Harper also loves cuddling with her human friends. It is not uncommon to see Harper curled up in someone’s oversized ECPR sweatshirt. Here is Lucy with her little friend Harper snuggling close.


  For Harper, it is not all rest and relaxation. This girl likes to embrace the playful side of life! Nothing is more exciting than frolicking around the playroom tumbling after young and old pooches alike.


Lovely Cocoa is no spring chicken, but he likes to bound and play like a little pup. Harper is quite fond of Cocoa! The two prove that multi-generational friendships are a breeze as long as you share similar passions. For these two, play is an obvious passion.


   Cocoa is not Harper’s only elderly friend. She has also befriended Piggles, a sweet little lady who normally dislikes puppies. Piggles is one of our tiniest dogs, but like many little dogs, she has a big personality. Usually when puppies or other rambunctious types get too close to her, she snaps at them. She is a firecracker who is not afraid to speak her mind! But look at her here! Either she is too tired to notice little Harper, or Harper has worked her charm!


Harper loves playing with her puppy peers too! Athena, a dog adopted by one of our staff members, gets to visit ECPR frequently. No one is more excited by these visits than Harper! When she see’s her pal Athena, I imagine what is going on in Harper’s mind is “Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!” These two girls love bouncing around the playroom, chasing and wrestling with each other. There are few things in this world filled with more merriment than puppy playtime.


Sometimes Harper doesn’t feel like playing though. Sometimes she just wants to relax in the sunshine with a few of her chihuahua friends. Seattle has its fair share of gray skies during the Fall and Winter months. Harper knows how to seize an opportunity to sunbathe when it presents itself.


   Harper is an amazing little puppy! She has a brave and curious spirit. She has a big heart and loves almost everyone she meets, dog and human alike. Harper is a puppy and still has so much to learn about the world. All she needs is her perfect forever person to share in her love and to show her how great the world can be.


DailyECPR: The Animals Prepare for Halloween

It is a 20151025_164712wonderful time of the year! The air is crisp, the trees are full of red and orange leaves and Halloween is just around the corner! Soon, the ghouls, ghosts and goblins will go wild, cackling away on All Hallows Eve! But here at ECPR, we embrace the spooky yet fun-loving spirit of Halloween.

Our amazing Administration Assistant Chandra has got the creative spark! She has decorated Emerald City Pet Rescue’s headquarters with an array of beautiful and creepy decorations.

20151025_165221 20151025_164719

But at Emerald City Pet Rescue, it is not just the humans that embrace the Halloween spirit, our doggie friends are ready to celebrate!

Here is our lovely Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie, with her gentle demeanor and love for play has charmed the heart of everyone she has ever met. Here she is dressed as a cute little caterpillar. Sweetie Pie spends all her life as beautiful as a butterfly, so it is no surprise that she would want to dress as a caterpillar.

20151025_164436 20151025_164452

If you were to ask Fiona, she would say she is not dressed up for Halloween. She is dressed how she should be adorned every day, in a fancy shawl! Here she is with her personal stylist, Jess. The two make quite the cute pair!


Little Cocoa is dressed as a fuzzy gray unicorn. Just kidding, he’s an elephant! Elephants are known for their adorableness and kind hearts. It is no surprise sweet Cocoa would identify with the noble elephant. With his good-natured personality, he would easily fit into any elephant herd, despite his tiny size.


The ECPR playroom is full of little princes and princesses…. Or at least that is the way we strive to treat all our doggie friends. Little Tikki is no exception. Here she is, adorned in a the fashion of her people… the pink princess dress! Tikki is a kind-hearted and good princess who rules her kingdom with love and compassion.


Shark attack! There is no cuter shark in all the great seas then beautiful Vicki Lee. Vicki spends most of her time as a tiny and adorable Chihuahua. For Halloween, she wanted to experience what it would be like to be an intimidating creature such as a shark! I hate to break it to little Vicki, but she is just as cute as a shark! If you see her all dolled up in her shark outfit, pretend you are really scared!


Roarrrr!!!!! Candy Lou is a dinosaur! Just like Vicky Lee, Candy Lou spends her entire existence as a sweet, little and adorable pooch. She was ready to try out being something ferocious! Part of the fun of Halloween is getting to be someone or something different for a little bit. Can’t you just imagine little Candy roaming around the prehistoric days of yore? All around her, thundering steps of mighty dinosaurs, as Candy Lou roams the vast expanse of giant fern covered landscapes. If you’d ask Candy Lou what she would do in prehistoric times, she would probably tell you that she’d befriend a pterodactyl who would agree to give her a ride through the prehistoric skies. That Candy Lou- a little dog with big dreams!

20151025_161549 20151025_161550

Here is Mara. She is pouting. She didn’t want to be a lion for Halloween! She wanted to be a wolf, or even a coyote- at least something dog related. Certainly she had not planned on being something as ridiculous as a big cat! But Mara’s a good sport. She agreed to dress in the lion outfit for just a short time, so I could get a picture of her. She let me snap the picture, but she refused to pretend she actually enjoyed being dressed as a cat!


We like to encourage our animal friends to monkey around. Playful fun is good for the soul. Little Lupe took our encouragement a bit too literally. Here he is as a banana loving monkey! Normally, Lupe reminds me of a lion. He has a yellow fringe around his cute face like a miniature lions mane. But Lupe was ready to embrace the joyful spirit of the monkey. He may have lion hair, but his heart is that of a playful monkey!


On Halloween, when the witches go zooming through the sky on their crooked brooms and the monsters slink around every corner, our little troupe of dogs will be ready. The Emerald City Pet Rescue animals say “Halloween, here we come!”