Mischevious Thelma Wants a Home!

thelma1Meet Thelma, a VERY SPECIAL dog who came to us from SOI dogs all the way from Thailand!

Thelma is a ridiculous, goofy, ball of sillyness. She is an explorer and loves to sniff around in the woods. She has a fair amount of energy and she is always smiling. She is an accomplished climber and she is smart enough to open doors of varying styles. She has prey drive towards cats, but also does well with small dogs. She is incredibly playful with other dogs, but sometimes her excitement gets the best of her- she comes on very strong. She has alright leash walking skills and she is a fast learner. The leadership program is really starting to show results with her, she is learning to sit for pets instead of head butting you. She would be a good dog for kids with her happy, playful attitude.

thelma2Thelma is truly wonderful she but does require a very experienced new family due to her high intelligence and her past as a savvy street dog.

If you are in the Seattle area and you think you may have the confidence and willingness to make this wonderful girl a part of your family, give us a call at 206 557 4661

Meet Hefner the Bunny!

Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have more than just cats and dogs for adoption. We’d love to highlight a very special little guy with us right now, Mister Hefner the bunny!

Hefner is a one-year-old English Spot. He would absolutely love a quiet home where he can explore the wonders of the inside to his heart’s content, and take his sweet time getting to know his people and surroundings.

Hefner was surrendered to Emerald City Pet Rescue along with his buddy, Holly, but they are not required to be adopted together. (However, they are quite a cute duo!).

Previous Rabbit Ownership Experience Required in order to take this little guy home with you, as rabbits require unique nutrition and care.

Hefner is fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, and available for adoption in the Seattle area. Call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to meet Hefner!

DailyECPR : We Love Lincoln!

Lincoln2.jpgWe are pleased to introduce you to….. Lincoln!

Five-Year-Old Lincoln came all the way from Soi Dogs in Thailand to join the ECPR Family! Cuddly, friendly Lincoln has quickly become a staff favorite. Lincoln is a sweet, well-socialized fella, who makes the funniest noises when he’s trying to communicate with you.

Lincoln is very treat-motivated and learns quickly. He is very good at communicating with other dogs, though he can be impatient with them from time to time so Lincoln would prefer a home with either senior or mellow dogs (or, ideally, the only dog in the home so as to have the spotlight all to himself!) Lincoln is looking for an active family that will take him on daily hikes and adventures where he can show off his amazing walking skills! Lincoln needs a cat-free home, and because he can be vocal, apartments and condos are not for him, either. Because of his past, Lincoln would do best in a home with a fenced yard to prevent him from escaping, he needs to be 100% leashed.

LincolnLincoln would prefer a home with people 12 years old and older. A lot of training will be required for Lincoln, so experienced adopters who can provide him with these opportunities are ideal for him. Are you the right match for this international super-dog? Give us a call at 206 557 4661

Lincoln is fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped.

DailyECPR : Iggie is ig-tastic!


Meet Mr. Iggie, the ig-tastic chi-pom!!!

This 11-year-old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix has made the trek from California in search for his forever digs in the Seattle area. Iggie weighs about 4 pounds; yes, 4 pounds! He is an adorable little man with an easy-going demeanor and a sweet personality. He adores people and enjoys happily trotting around for his afternoon walk. When he’s not sleeping (which is most of the time), this cuddle bug is happily lazing on the lap of anyone who wants some Iggie love! Due to his tiny size and medical considerations (including cataracts), Iggie would do best in a home with no boisterous young children or energetic dogs who may not respect his space.

Iggie is currently in a foster home being a lap-tastic little mini. He is fully vetted, neutered and microchipped.

If you live in the Seattle area and would like to meet this cutie-pie, please give us a call at 206 557 4661

Pearl Wants To help You Binge Netflix!


Meet Mama Pearl! This two-year-old sweetheart is one of our most recent rescue arrivals into Seattle. She is a sweet, affectionate and quiet kitty who loves nothing more than curling up on your lap. Having had a litter of kittens previously, Mama Pearl is looking to flourish in a new and loving home here in Seattle. This tabby is great with other cats, and may do well in a home with a respectful dog. If you’re looking for a purry lap kitty to binge-watch OITNB with, Pearl is your girl!

Mama Pearl is fully vetted, spayed, and microchipped. Call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to meet herl!


Little Miss Pixie Styx


Meet little miss Pixie Styx! This sweet two-year-old is one of our most recent rescue arrivals into Seattle, having travelled along with a litter of kittens all the way from California!

All of Pixie’s kittens are now adopted, and Pixie is hanging out with us until she finds her forever home. She is a sweet and affectionate kitty who loves nothing more than curling up on your lap. Soft, gentle and dainty, Pixie Styx is looking to flourish in a new and loving home here in Seattle. She can be a little shy in new situations so a patient person would be ideal for her, in order to let her warm up at her own pace. But with a little time and a lot of love, Pixie Styx will be sweet on you – and you will be sweet on her, too! At only two years young she still has that gentle, innocent kitten-like sweetness to her and a lot of years ahead of her to love you unconditionally!

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to meet this little princess and find out if she’d be your purr-fect companion, give us a call at 206 557 4661

IMG_0095 IMG_0093

Captain Has Sailed Away!

Captian Captain was just a puppy, but already he was larger than most of the dogs here in our ECPR playroom! The staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with his flopsy way of running around, not quite clear on the fact that his body was as big as it was and not quite skilled at balance yet. He was a lover though, and the moment you gave him an ounce of attention he demanded a pound! He would bounce around with endless exuberance and soak your face in kisses.

No wonder Captain wasn’t here for very long, but he was definitely here long enough to charm our hearts as well as the hearts of his new forever family! Captain sailed into his new home with ease and posed expertly for his photos as if to say, “Obviously I found a fantastic forever home, I’m SO handsome!” Well, he’s not wrong!

We tip our hats to you, Captain, and we wish you nothing but the best as you venture into the open sea of your brand new forever-loved life! Bon voyage!