ECPR Celebrates “International Fluevog Day”

Designed in Vancouver, Canada, John Fluevog creates boots, sandals, formal, and casual shoes for men and women. Shop online or find a store near you.

20170515_122746Every year on May 15, they celebrate “International Fluevog Day” which is John Fluevog’s Birthday. Every single pair of shoes sold on International Fluevog Day are sold at 15% off.

This year, the Fluevog store in Downtown Seattle wanted to partner with a non-profit for IFD, and they contacted ECPR! This was definitely a different kind of event, but we are always eager for any opportunity to spread the word about rescue dogs and how you can help them.

ECPR spent the afternoon at the Fluevog store with an information table, lots of Freebies for customers with pets, and a few dogs to be the “official greeters” as customers came into the store. What is better when walking into a store than to be unexpectedly greeted by happy puppies?! A wonderful time was had by the customers, the dogs, and our staff! We were very happy to have the opportunity to provide our Seattle community members with information on adopting a rescue animal, or donating and sponsoring animals that are searching for forever homes … all while trying on some awesome looking shoes!

Thank you for having us, Fluevog! We’re always thrilled to partake in our Seattle community!

ECPR Hangs Out at Muddy Mutt!

IMG_8697This past Saturday, Emerald City Pet Rescue brought a few dogs down to a very fun event, Muddy Mutt in Carnation, Washington! We love opportunities to spread the word about our rescue and the wonderful animals we have available for adoption, but even more than that, sometimes we just want to have some down-and-dirty fun! IMG_8699.JPG

Sweet adoptable pup Olivia joined us for lots of outdoor romps, as well as our awesome ambassador dogs. There were props, hills to climb, mud pits to get dirty in, and lots of grass to RUN AND RUN AND RUN in!! Everyone had a blast! Olivia can’t wait to find a forever home all her own so she can have lots of outdoor times just like Saturday! Give us a call at 206 557 4661 if you’re looking for a very loving and high energy shepherd mix to romp in the dirt with!




#WhyNotMePets Features Our Soi Dogs!


Earlier this year, Emerald City Pet Rescue ventured all the way to Thailand to pick up five dogs rescued from the streets by Soi Dogs. They have been hanging out in the Seattle area, and all except for one are still searching for their forever homes!

Despite being street dogs, all of these pups are incredibly sweet with people. They are very intelligent, eager to learn, and although they will need experienced and attentive adopters, they will make such wonderful companions!

The last Thailand pup to arrive in Seattle, Bubbles, has already found her forever home but there are still four waiting to meet you!

Lincoln is a sweet, well-socialized fella, who makes the funniest noises when he’s trying o communicate with you. Lincoln is very treat motivated and learns quickly, and is very good at communicating with other dogs, though he can be impatient with them from time to time, so Lincoln would prefer a home with either senior or mellow dogs (or, ideally, he could be the only dog in the home and hold the spotlight all on his own).

Nancy is a very cuddly, sweet, smart dog that gets along with all kinds of humans. She loves her doggy pals, though it can take some time to warm up at first (but, Nancy says “no cats, please and thank you”). Nancy is treat motivated, and is quick to learn with positive reinforcement. She loves to go hiking and romp outdoors, so an active family would be a wonderful fit for her! Nancy is currently with a foster family and has a doggy foster-sibling, and she is doing great acclimating to a home environment!

Thelma is goofy and sweet, and while she gets along well with a lot of dogs, she would thrive in a home with individualized attention where required training with an experienced adopter would help her to grow in her obedience, manners, and trust (particularly with food guarding, her biggest area for improvement). Because she can be vocal and likes to bolt, a house with a fenced yard is the name of the game for Thelma – so no apartments or condos, please. Thelma is the best kind of challenge there is, the one that will reward you with endless kisses!

And now for my personal favorite (the dog that I would adopt in a heartbeat if I had the right kind of environment!) … SNOWFLAKE! Cute, independent Snowflake likes to be cuddled and would love to be a family’s one-and-only until she feels safe and secure. Great on walks and great with handling, Snowflake would likely benefit from crate training to keep her safe from harm when left at home alone. Because of her smarts, Snowflake can be precocious, so she demands a job and / or lots of physical and mental activity to keep her from being destructive (toys and chewy treats would help). Like her Soi Dog mates, Snowflake can be vocal and could escape if given the chance, so a house with a fenced-in yard is a must for her safety (no apartments or condos, please). This little girl is the smartest, most mischievous little pooch I’ve ever met and she will make a wonderful companion for someone that can outsmart her smarts and can keep up with her energy level!

These dogs are in luck – PAWSITIVE ALLIANCE has partnered with Q13Fox to spotlight these wonderful dogs, and they recently had their television debut! Check them out in full action on the news!

ECPR’s Winter Adoption Event

Last Saturday, December 3, 2016, we here at ECPR held our second annual winter adoption event! Special thanks to Mudbay Uptown in Queen Anne for hosting, they have a WONDERFUL adoption center in their store and their staff is so kind and accommodating!

A few ECPR employees, a handful of our amazing volunteers, and a group of dogs ventured into the chilly unknown on this hopeful day. A supportive volunteer supplied us with plenty of coffee to lift our spirits and our energy, and as we readied some kennels for the dogs, we were sure to give them lots of pep talks! “This is an important day for you! Remember to smile, stick your tongue out a lot, and be your best selves! If you meet the perfect family for you, be sure to let them, and us, know!” The positive energy proved to be contagious and soon tails began to wag and little snouts began to smile.

At 11AM, prospective adopters began to venture toward the adoption center wondering if the perfect addition to their family was just a kennel away. The pups kept true to their word and charmed everyone they met with kisses, cuddles, wagging tails and cute little toothy grins. They spent more time in warm human arms than they did in their kennels, and by the end of the day, lots of people were entranced by their amazing sweetness!

As our facility is not a walk-through shelter (our pets spend their days in a playroom rather than in kennels) these off-site adoption events are such a fun and positive way to introduce them to prospective adopters who got to spend that special one-on-one time meeting them up close and seeing if there is a potential bond in their future. We were so thankful for the opportunity to watch our dogs fall in love with so many people, and to watch so many people falling in love with them! We are confident that in no time at all, the pups that attended this adoption event will find their perfect forever homes in no time at all.

Special thanks to Mudbay Uptown for providing both the space, and the help. They are amazing!

Special thanks also to our wonderful ECPR VOLUNTEERS! So many of you came to offer your support and assistance, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Lastly, special thanks to Erin Lynch whose wonderful photography skills really captured the spirits of our pets so well! Her pictures are below, and she is available to do photo sessions with you and your pet for the holidays!









DailyECPR : Our Event at Umpqua Bank

IMG_0133On Saturday (January 23, 2016) myself, my awesome co-worker Bethany and three super-amazing volunteers headed out to set up a table for ECPR at Umpqua Bank on Capitol Hill. It was a bit of a rainy day, which meant it was the perfect day for people to run errands. What better surprise than to walk into a bank and see PUPPIES!? Animals are fantastic like that, they have this uncanny ability to take a mundane, rainy Saturday and turn it into metaphorical confetti.

IMG_0147The adoptable pups we brought with us were absolute charmers, working their mojo extra hard to make sure that every person who came into the bank left with a smile.  ECPR’s always-adorable Cocoa is basically an expert at events. His calm demeanor, sweet loving eyes and heart-melting head tilts provoked a steady chorus of “aww” ‘s as he was happily passed from arm to arm. How this little boy hasn’t been adopted yet is a mystery to me, but he’s so easy to fall in love with that I have no doubt he’ll be curling up on the couch in his new forever home to give love and companionship to his people sooner than I can say “Adopt him before I do!”


IMG_0141We also brought along Little London! As he is just a baby, being exposed to different environments and meeting all kinds of new people is very important for his social development. He was such a good boy though, eager to give hand kisses to everyone who wanted to meet him and just as quick to fall asleep in our arms as he was to bounce around happily when new people wanted to tell him how adorable he is. Gotta love how puppies “batteries” can so quickly go from 100% to 0%!

We discovered that London is still learning to walk on a leash and doesn’t love the rain, but he was a brave little guy anyway and tried his best. When he came back to the bank from his short walk, he demanded to be wrapped up in a towel so he could remind all who met him that he desires to be a pampered pooch. But let’s be honest…. who wouldn’t pamper this little guy?

IMG_0130Thank you so much to Umpqua Bank for having us! We had a great time brightening people’s days and spreading the word about Emerald City Pet Rescue to the neighborhood animal lovers. As a rescue, we make it a goal and a priority to help the community as much as we’re helping the animals. Pet ownership doesn’t only provide an animal with a secure home, but they in turn provide their owners with love, entertainment, inspiration, and comfort in immeasurable amounts.

A special thanks to the volunteers who helped out at this event, fun was definitely had by all!

DailyECPR : We Met Grumpy Cat!

Happy Friday, everyone!! The weekend is almost here, I can feel it, I can see the clock tick-tick-ticking away. I have very awesome plans for this weekend. It involves a lot of wild partying. …. Okay, let’s be honest. I have a date with the litter of kittens I am still fostering when I get home, and then with my PILLOW! And then there’s the whole adulting part of life where my once-leisurely weekends now consist of running errands and fulfilling responsibilities….

But now, let’s back track from my upcoming weekend of errands and sleep and talk about what’s REALLY important –


grumpy2Emerald City Pet Rescue was invited to be part of a very fun event yesterday, a GRUMPY CAT meet and greet! The famous feline with the eternally grumpy face was here in Seattle yesterday to celebrate her third book.

We (myself, and two awesome volunteers Susan and Suzanne) arrived at the location of the meet and greet, a University of Washington bookstore. (It was HUGE! As in, I could have easily gotten lost in it – and I actually did even if only for a few moments!) We had substantially less gear than we are used to bringing to events because the lovely hosts provided tables and chairs for us (Thank you for that!) and it was indoors with limited space so we did not need our tent.

We set up our ECPR gear right next to some gear from Best Friends and the Seattle Humane Society. We got acquainted with a few lovely people that had been waiting in line for three hours just to be among the first to meet Her Royal Feline Highness.  The line started to move, and we perfected talking about our rescue in 30 seconds or less for those walking by. A lot of people ooed and awed over our adorable adoptable pets so who knows, maybe some of our critters will find forever homes with some of Grumpy’s most dedicated fans!

After they closed the meet and greet line at 8PM, the event hosts surprised all of us and offered us the chance to meet Miss Grumpy, so volunteer Suzanne and I scrunched in and got our photo snapped. Grumpy couldn’t have cared less, she was asleep! Grumpy

As ECPR continues to grow, I am thrilled that we are being offered opportunities to participate in different types of animal-related events, and we are of course happy to be at all of them that we can in order to spread the word about our rescue and showcase our precious animals to help them find their forever families.

If Grumpy Cat could talk, I would imagine she might have been saying something like, “Not that I CARE, but if you give these animals a home maybe ECPR staff can stop going on and on about how cute they are. NOW I’M GOING BACK TO SLEEP!”

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, fall is well underway and winter is just around the corner!

DailyECPR : Barktoberfest Was a Storm (Almost!)

IMG_0421This past weekend, a few of us at Emerald City Pet Rescue ventured down to Auburn, WA with our tent, our tables, and a lot of freebies and goodies for Barktober Fest! Brandon and I ventured down there in the company van and a kennel attendant, John, mosied down in his own car.

On our way there, we were concerned because the rain was pounding down on us like a boxing match, so torrential that we could barely see a few feet in front of our car! Since the event was outdoors at Roegner Park we were worried that we would get there only to find out that the event had to be sadly cancelled, but just as we pulled in to Auburn the downpour started to let up. By the time we arrived at the Park, the sun was peeking out through the clouds and the rain had nearly stopped.

We set up our booth with a wonderful view of the fall leaves, and Auburnites and their pooches began to show up and walk around! The event coordinators were kind enough to walk around with bottled water and bagels for all of the vendors. (Thanks, event coordinators!) Lots of people stopped by our booth whether they were looking to adopt, or just kind enough to give us a donation!

As I wrote that, a chorus of barks rang out in the playroom behind my office. The dogs would all love to say a huge thank you to everyone who is spreading the word about ECPR!

About fifteen minutes before the event came to a close (It was just a half-day event running from 10AM to 2PM) the sky began to darken once more, the winds broke out and raindrops started falling on our heads. Fortunately, Brandon, John and I were able to pack up the tent and our supplies like rock stars and avoid anything getting lost or damaged. We made it almost the whole time, it was as if the weather had been kind enough to pause in its angry crying fit just long enough for us all to enjoy a nice fall day with the dogs! Thank you, weather Gods! I tip my hat to you in gratitude!

Roegner Park has beautiful scenery, from the fall leaves to the streams to the walking trails. I highly IMG_0425recommend it if you’re needing a day away from the city with your four legged companion, or even just to enjoy a quiet day by yourself.

As for Barktober Fest, they told us that next year they’re going to have the event in August to try and avoid unpredictable weather. Still, I say it could have been a LOT worse! Overall I would say the day was a success. We’re getting good at doing events now (at least, we’ve got the rhythm down) and we really enjoy them! We can’t wait to participate in even more fun things, and we’ve got a special surprise appearance at a very awesome event happening on Thursday. Want to know what it is? You’ll have to wait a few days! I know, we’re sneaky like that!