Chewie and Mommas are Besties!



The “Cutest BFFs in the Playroom” award goes to….

ECPR’s Chewey and Mommas! They love to hang out with each other, they think all of these other dogs with their four working legs and lack of wheels are just plain odd. They are in their own little wheelie club together where they joyfully roll around, or, more often, joyfully relax together while they wait to find their forever homes!

cm2Chewey is a handsome 4-year old Chihuahua mix. After receiving surgery for a ruptured disc, Chewey has been using a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let that slow him down for a second as he makes the rounds visiting his favorite people! And c’mon, who doesn’t love a guy with his own set of wheels? He is charismatic, friendly, and very sweet but he does not get along so well with cats.

Meet Mommas! 4-year old Mommas is a fantastic dog that loves people and other dogs. Mommas has lived with children – and loved them, too! Mommas is looking for a loving home that can offer her stability and support as she adjusts to her new life on wheels. As with most dogs that lose their ability to use their back end, this is not slowing her down! Mommas still has a happy-go-lucky attitude and she is always eager for new adventures. Mommas will need an adopter who is willing and able to work with her special needs. Mommas likes cats too!

If you might have the perfect home for one of these two special babies, give us a call at 206 557 4661!

DailyECPR: Poncho and the Puppies on a Sunny Day

The animals at Emerald City Pet Rescue are enjoying their warm and glowing reward! After a seemingly infinite expanse of dark days, rainstorms and hardly a proper visit from the sun, spring is finally here! The animals have endured another gloomy winter, and their reward is sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! Every dog has a different style of sunshine appreciation. Some of them like to plop down and thoroughly luxuriate. Others curl up with a dreamy expression on their face. Some like to stand and let the sunshine pour over them. Here are Gidget, Blade and Angelina, all enjoying some sunshine while they wait for their forever homes.

Sugar, who recently found her forever home with her sis and best bud Meili, is probably one of our most talented sunshine loungers ever. She turns enjoying sun into a display of true glamour. She tilts her head back dramatically while each and every part of her furry body soaks in the sun.

The best thing about the sunshine is the way it unifies the group. Even with our adorable crew of sweethearts, animosities and rivalries do develop. But who wants to engage in petty disagreements when instead you can share in the glory of sun!


But sunshine doesn’t just bring together foes, it further unites friends. The unifying force of sunshine is proven by Poncho and the puppies.

Poncho is an amazing dog. He has an old soul and a young heart. He is a dog in his golden years with several years of life behind him. But he is ready and eager to appreciate all the days ahead of him. There is something truly special about older dogs. It is like dogs get kinder and even more amazing as they age. Stoic and sweet Poncho definitely is a (sun-)shinning example of an amazing older dog.


But our elderly guy Poncho has that Puppy sparkle still gleaming brightly. He is curious and playful just like a little pup. So it is no surprise that Poncho befriended the puppies in the playroom. As soon as Poncho saw the puppies, he wanted to be their friend and to play with them. But playing is not as easy for Poncho as it is for other dogs. He doesn’t have the use of his back legs, and he must be in either a wheelchair or drag bag to navigate the world. So while other dogs may be able to romp around with their puppy friends, Poncho has a more difficult time. Even with the assistance of a drag bag or wheelchair, mobility is no easy feat.


But luckily, the puppies don’t need all their friends to be boisterous and quick with their movement. The puppies sensed a kindred spirit in Poncho, and they easily adapted their socializing style to fit Poncho’s more sedentary life. So instead of chasing and jumping, the puppies curled up next to their new pal Poncho on a big comfy dog bed and together they enjoyed a bit of sunshine.

Poncho is quite accustomed to sharing comfy beds with friends. When he arrived at the rescue, Poncho came with his long time best pal and bonded pair Viva.


Viva, who is also a lovely elderly dog, is a wonderful girl with an endearing feisty side to her personality. She has lived long enough to know when to be patient and when it is time to turn on the sass. Along with her sassy side, she is incredibly sweet. She makes cute grunty sounds when she is happy. Whenever I give her head pets, she wiggles her head and nuzzles it toward my hand. She likes to spend her time daydreaming and cuddling with either a person friend or her best bud Poncho!


Poncho and Viva and the puppies together show why dogs are so amazing at every stage of their life. Puppies are sweet and cute and playful, but as Poncho and Viva show, the puppy side of a dog never entirely leaves. Even the oldest dog has that burst of curiosity or playfulness or joy for life. With age, they grow into their giant paws and oversized ears, but they never grow out of what really made them amazing in the first place- the charm of the canine is ever enduring. The endearing nature, the sweetness and the lovability starts in puppyhood, but it is always there, especially in their golden years!

DailyECPR: Walnut and Leia: Companions in Play, Companions in Bravery

When Walnut and Leia leap and tumble around the playroom, they look like to noble warrior pooches, battling each other to prove their valor and bravery. Really what inspires their romps around the playroom is a delight in play and a mutual love for each other. However, Walnut and Leia do posses the bravery of great warriors. But rather than use their bravery to do feats in battle, they use it to slowly overcome the fears that complicate their lives.


Walnut and Leia are two sweet little dogs with big hearts and shy demeanors. Both of these lovely pooches were rescued together from the same house. Witnessing their tendency to back away from the human touch makes it obvious that these two were highly under socialized with humans. Instead of thinking of people as cuddling companions, we are considered scary and possibly threatening to Walnut and Leia. But it is also evident by the way look at us and the way they move around us cautiously but with curiosity, that these two dogs want to trust us humans, we just need to prove ourselves first.


The Emerald City Pet Rescue staff has worked with many shy dogs and fearful dogs, and it is part of our mission to work with these animals to rehabilitate them and prepare them for a wonderful future with their forever home. A lot of working with shy animals involves figuring out the animal and trying to understand what will make them most comfortable. Techniques that work with some animals may not work as well with others. But there are certain surefire things that help when working with shy animals: patience, gentleness and encouragement.


Animal lovers want to spend all their time cuddling every cute dog they meet. But when interacting with shy animals, it is essential to stifle this urge to cuddle. Sometimes an animal needs to learn about you and trust you before they feel comfortable with your cuddles. Sometimes all it take is a couple of kind words before a seemingly shy dog is bounding into your arms and covering your cheeks with doggy kisses. But often, it takes much more time for a shy dog to feel comfortable with a new person. Taking the time needed takes a lot of patience, because for a severely under socialized animal, it can take a very long time for them to gain trust.


Luckily, Walnut and Leia are not plagued with unbearable fear of people, but they do have a greater degree of anxiety with people. The ECPR staff has been very patient with them, and our patience just makes the significance of their improvements all the more delightful. When I first met Leia, she wouldn’t even let me touch her without frantically trying to escape. But soon, while in the playroom, she started sneaking up to me when she thought I wasn’t paying attention. She would take an inquisitive sniff before retreating to the safety of distance. Soon, she would give me approving sniffs when I was paying attention. I would lean down and let her smell my hand. The best part was watching her tail start to wag while she sniffed my hand. Progress! Now she’ll trot up to me and let me scratch her head. She still rarely lets me pick her up in the playroom, but at this point, I feel like we are pals. She has other ways besides letting me pick her up to show her approval of my friendship. She comes and hovers near by when she sees me. Sometimes when she is in an especially good mood, she will leap in the air like spastic dancer, her skinny limbs stretched and her ears flopping by her side. She also has a signature ‘hello’ stretch. She will saunter on over, stretch out her front legs and arch up her butt. If she does this stretch to someone, you know they received the Leia stamp of approval.


Gentleness is also an extremely important component to developing a friendship with a very timid dog. At ECPR we interact with shy dogs by being gentle in our movement, gentle with our voices and gentle in our touch. Being gentle helps the dogs feel safer, and being safe makes them feel braver.

Encouraging a shy dog is just down right fun. I love giving a shy dog a hardy and well-deserved “Bravo!” (or more often, “Good dog!”) Often times, it is easy to tell the shy dog is proud of themselves too. There is an excited gleam to their eyes as they soak in the encouraging words.

Walnut has an especially cute way of reacting to encouragement. I will tell her how wonderful she is and she will look at me with an expression of curious bafflement. She will have her ears perked up and her head will tilt to the side. But soon, my encouraging words start working their magic. She will inch closer to me till the tip of her wet nose gently nudges my hand.


The great progress that both Leia and Walnut have made overcoming their fear of people shows that as long as their forever people stick to a strict regimen of patience, gentleness and encouragement, these two dogs will have great success in their lives.


And Walnut and Leia are not scared of everyone. Although they were under socialized with humans, they have a great love of other dogs. Both Leia and Walnut are playful and boisterous dogs. They love to dash around the playroom, chasing dogs back and forth. They love to jump and bounce and wrestle with dogs both bigger and smaller than them. Walnut is especially playful. She likes to invite other dogs to play with her by going up to them and wiggling her but in a joyous doggy dance. Soon enough, this joyous doggy dance will be directed at people, because Walnut and Leia may be shy, but they are also brave, and bravery can take a little dog to far reaching successes! If you want to give a sweet but shy dog the chance to shine in a forever home, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.


DailyECPR: Brilliant and Boisterous Brody Finds a Kindred Spirit

Everyone needs a good friend, even if the friendship is destined to only last a short while. Brody, our adorable Pomeranian, a joyful fuzz ball if there ever was one, learned how special a fleeting friendship can be. It all started when Brody met Frosty. Friends that you have for a long portion of your life can be very meaningful, but sometimes a friend you have for even an afternoon can be invaluable. For Frosty and Brody, their friendship lasted more like a week.


Brody arrived at Emerald City Pet Rescue before Frosty came along. Brody is an amazing dog. He is a gentle pooch with the softest red coat I have ever felt. He is absolutely adorable! Basically, he is a teddy bear fox… a child’s stuffed animal come to life. Brody has the perfect combination of cuddle bug, level ten snuggling skills mixed with an independent spirit. He has an intelligent and curious spark to him that makes him very capable of being entertained on his own. But if you want to cuddle you better believe that he wants to cuddle too! And Brody wants to cuddle with everyone, because he is the type of dog who assumes the best out of everyone he meets. One of the best things about Brody is his joy for life. His giddy demeanor and jolly embrace of all the world has to offer is downright contagious!


Brody has always been a very playful little fellow. Sometimes in the morning when I attempt to gather him for his morning breakfast, he misinterprets my intentions. He thinks I want to play with him! Instead of coming to me obediently, he looks at me with a mischievous sparkle in his eye and he starts darting around, teasing me to catch him. He wags his tail and darts to my right! He prances and darts to my left! And finally I catch him.


Before Frosty came to Emerald City Pet Rescue, Brody would be happy to play with anyone. Different days, he would play with different dogs, different humans and different toys, depending on who was available and ready to play. Brody loves to dash and dart around the room with a jaunty skip in his step. He loves to frolic, prance and have an overall rollicking good time engaged in various forms of play. But it wasn’t till he met Frosty that he met his playmate kindred spirit. These two sweet dogs had an instantaneous connection. As soon as Brody saw Frosty, it was like he knew they were meant to be friends. Frosty liked Brody and Brody loved Frosty. Brody thought of Frosty as the cool new kid. Like most friendships that form at rapid speed, these two dogs have an essential similarity in their personalities. They both have the same sunny, happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Frosty and Brody are all puppy smiles and tail wags.


Whenever Frosty and Brody were in a room together, they spend the time enjoying each other’s company. They scampered and tumbled with each other. They turned every moment with each other into an opportunity for friskiness and playful antics. But Brody’s shining opinion of Frosty was not his alone. Frosty effortlessly charmed his way into a forever family. So after being a beloved member of ECPR for a very short time, Frosty was off to his new home! Brody and Frosty had to say a bittersweet good-bye to each other.


In the end, the two pooches were only friends for about a week. But just because it was a short friendship, does not mean it wasn’t a valuable friendship. The two dogs provided hours of joy for each other. They connected with each other and wasted no time forming a friendship. So Brody and Frosty won’t grow old together. They won’t sit on a park bench, watching birds, as familiar smells waft through the air and remind them of their puppyhood. But their lives were enriched by their friendships. And who knows… maybe someday after Brody finds his forever home, he will go on a walk when ahead of him walking his way he will see a familiar white dog…. His old pal Frosty! The two old friends will have a brief but joyful reunion before they part ways and head back to their happy lives with their forever families.

DailyECPR: Beautiful Friendships

There are few things more special than friendship with an animal pal. Animal friends are the best snuggle buddies, amazing confidants, and always add cheer to the day. Nothing tickles my heart like a big doggie grin or the way cats slowly close their eyes in pure contentment. Humans are not the only ones who think animals are amazing friends. Many animals agree, as they have great and beautiful friendships with each other. Some animals have such strong friendships that it would be cruel to separate the friends by adopting them out separately. These animals are considered bonded pairs. At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have had several bonded pairs.

When I first started working at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we had two adorable bonded rascals: Harry and Sally. They were brindle chihuahua pug mixes who just adored each other. Harry was Mr. Personable, always running up to his people friends asking for pets. Sally was a bit shyer, but her bonded pal Harry made her feel braver. With his help, she felt more confident asking for cuddles too.

Another bonded pair we had were Rocky and Coco. These two fluffy black dogs had the sweetest smiles and the gentlest dispositions. They also had a bit of a mischievous streak which just made them all the more endearing. Every morning when I came into work, they would be in the best mood. They would be prancing around their kennel, Rocky always with his favorite orange bone in his mouth. They looked like they were doing a happy dance, celebrating the morning while everyone else in the world seemed to be groggy and grumpy.

It is more difficult to adopt bonded pairs. Usually potential adopters are only looking for one dog or one cat, so when two must be adopted out together, it takes more patience to find them their perfect forever home. But it is always worth the wait! The animals want to spend their life with their best animal friend. It is important to respect the friendships and love animals build for each other.

Right now, we have several bonded pairs looking for their forever home.

Two of the sweetest, most loving cats in all the world are currently part of the ECPR animal crew. They are Tippy and Rodeo. These two sisters have such an inspiring friendship. They love to curl up and snuggle with each other. While curled up next to each other, they are in the perfect state of contentment. Tippy is a little shyer than Rodeo, but she feels braver when her sister is around. Rodeo stands up for her sister and makes sure she is comfortable. When these two are in the cat playroom together, they are always right next to each other.

Tippy has a gravelly old lady meow that is utterly charming! Tippy is tentative and gentle. She really wants to spend all her time with her sister, who makes her feel brave and important. Rodeo is the more adventurous of the two sisters. She likes to explore and is full of that curiosity cats are notorious for.

20151110_131427 20151115_165432

We have two adorable elderly pooches who are a bonded pair. They are Piggles and Humphrey. Both of these tiny dogs have hearts of gold and sturdy brave constitutions of little warriors. They are tiny and quite vulnerable, but they are not deterred by living in a world physically much more imposing than they are. Piggles in particular is not afraid of speaking her mind. She is feisty in the best way possible. She dislikes when puppies get too close to her and she makes sure to let them know. She goes “Grrr…grumble, arf a20151115_161721rf!” Since I spend much time with dogs, I can translate this to English for you. Piggles is saying “Get away from me you silly puppy! Can’t you see I am a queen among dogs and deserve my space!” Humphrey has a bit more of a mellow, go with the flow personality. He doesn’t mind puppies. He likes to trot around the playroom, exploring and investigating. Although the two are very bonded, they also are not afraid to be independent. So while Piggles yells at puppies, Humphrey will find a nice spot in the sun to relax. But, after a while, they are drawn to each other, and once again they snuggle up and revel in each other’s company.

20151115_143716 20151115_161714

One of our bonded pairs is going home soon. Congratulations to Serena and Venus! These two are strikingly beautiful cats! They are very shy though, so it took them a little longer to find their home. But I think once they have the opportunity to live in their own home, they will overcome their shyness quite rapidly. After all, they have each other to encourage bravery and growth.


Watching bonded pairs interact can teach a person a lot about the importance of friendship. Great friends are there for us when we are scared or stressed. Serena may feel scared when she meets a new person, but she has Venus there to comfort her. Friends can encourage us to be the best version of our self. Tippy may feel shy at times, but watching her sister navigate the world with enthusiasm helps Tippy overcome her shyness. There is nothing better than spending a relaxing day lounging around with a friend. Humphrey and Piggles can attest to that as they lay upon their fancy blanket in the playroom. Animal friendships are a lot like human friendships, they make the world more wonderful and they make life all the sweeter.

Cocoa insisted that he deserved a shout out in this post. Here he is, trying to convince me his toy bear was his “bonded pair.” Nice try, Cocoa! That little pooch sure has a wild imagination!