Shout-Out to Girl Scout Troop 41696

imageedit_62_4292822603 We want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Girl Scout Troop 41696 for the amazing snuggle mats and cat wands they made for our rescue pets!
The troop did a community service project and decided to focus on helping animals. It always touches our hearts when young people have such compassion for our furry friends!

We brought the girls to the rescue for a visit and introduced them to our wonderful ambassador dogs. They were kind, considerate, and so wonderful with the animals. It always amazes us to see how easily animals can put a smile on the faces of people of all ages!

Thank you for your compassion, and your generosity in making wonderful gifts for the pets. You are all awesome!

Girl Scout Troop Donates $300!

IMG_8778The wonderful thing about rescue is that there are so many ways to help out and get involved, and we feel very blessed to be a part of such a supportive and enthusiastic community.

Yesterday, we had a visit from Girl Scout Troop #45302, and they gave us an amazingly generous donation of $300! What a wonderful gift from young people, who already feel compassion for our animals and the desire to help.

Like this troop, there are so many ways for people to get involved and help our animals. If you can adopt, wonderful! If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, our animals always need supplies and funds to help them on their way to finding their forever homes, and there’s no age limit on the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of these amazing rescue pets.

Thank you so much, Girl Scouts, for your wonderful and generous donation, and for caring about our animals and working hard to help them out. You’re making a difference in their lives and they know it!


DailyECPR : Girl Scouts are Awesome!

When our founder Vivian Goldbloom designed Emerald City Pet Rescue, her goal was to make something as simple as even walking through the doors a special experience for both potential adopters and for our wonderful pets. When you first step foot into our facility it feels like you’re walking into a hotel lobby! The colors are bright and vibrant and the atmosphere welcoming and relaxing. Our wonderful dogs and cats spend their days in playrooms rather than cooped up in cages. They interact with other dogs, with staff, and with volunteers. They receive gentle instruction from our in-house trainer and staff by getting positive reinforcement for good behavior. Our founder’s goal with ECPR is not just as a “holding place” while we work to find these animals happy forever homes but to in help them with any challenges they may have – be it physical, emotional or otherwise, in the meantime so they are as adoptable as possible.

Part of the enrichment we provide with both fun and with training is providing our critters with lots of toys!

An awesome Girl Scout troop stopped by on Saturday with a special surprise for our dogs, two huge bagfulls of homemade tug toys! Needless to say, our pups went gaga over them! As a special thank you, we brought the troop into the meet and greet room and let them hang out with some of the dogs so they could thank the girls in person for their awesome toys!

IMG_0742Lily, although not technically an ECPR dog, still spends time in the playroom daily so she can make friends with all of the adoptables and assure the dogs that they will soon find their forever families. She’s the best little dog I’ve ever had, so welcoming to the pups, so sweet with every person she meets, and so patient with almost everything, unless I leave the room and she can’t follow. But as long as her mommy is near her, she’s happy! She had a grand old time trotting around meeting each one of the girls, and an even grander time running around the playroom later that day while enjoying the tug toys they provided! What a little angel!

Special little Cocoa, definitely a favorite IMG_0729among the staff (Oops, don’t tell any of other precious pups that I said that, I wouldn’t want to make them feel bad!) was here visiting for the weekend from his foster home. (Yep, precious Cocoa is still available for adoption! Look at that sweet face!) His favorite thing to do is cuddle so he happily curled up in laps for close to an hour with his little eyes half-closed, the most content little pekingese I’ve ever seen. If Cocoa was a cat, you would probably be able to hear him purring from a mile away.

Cocoa has a minor hip displaysia so sometimes his hips wobble a bit, but he is not in any pain. He is only three years old and he is eagerly waiting to meet the family of his dreams! (LOTS of laps, all the time! Laps laps laps!)

IMG_0736We brought some of the tug toys into the playroom and the girls watched as the dogs decided it was Christmas in February while they eagerly played.

It is only by the grace of thoughtful, caring people like this Girl Scout troop that we are able to provide for these dogs not only the bare necessities to their survival, but the time and the tools to help them thrive, learn, find peace, and even feel loved while they are with us. We are very grateful for this kind donation.

Thank you Girl Scouts, not only for taking the time to make our dogs some amazing toys, but for caring about our rescue and the animals that comprise it!