DailyECPR : ZORRO the Wonder-Cat!

zorro1Meet the distinguished Mister Zorro! Zorro is a dashing twelve-year-old kitty who boasts a cute moo-cow pattern and a little goatee! This sweet gentleman exudes a sense of confidence and calm — no midnight zoomies for this seasoned guy! Nothing seems to phase him, and within a few hours of being in new surroundings, you might think he had been there his whole life! His favorite things to do are to give little kitty licks to his people and curl up on your lap. Zorro is also great with cats and dogs!
zorro2Zorro has diabetes, but don’t let that discourage you; he takes his insulin like a pro, and he even seems to recognize when it is time for it. He might be considered special needs, but he doesn’t think so. If you asked him, he would just leave it at he is special!
He would make the most wonderful kitty for virtually any home, his demeanor is quiet, calm, tolerant, and go-with-the-flow! If you’re looking for a fantastic cuddly new friend, Zorro is DEFINITELY your super-kitty!
Zorro is neutered, fully vetted, and microchipped. Call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to set up a time to come in and meet him!

Chewie and Mommas are Besties!



The “Cutest BFFs in the Playroom” award goes to….

ECPR’s Chewey and Mommas! They love to hang out with each other, they think all of these other dogs with their four working legs and lack of wheels are just plain odd. They are in their own little wheelie club together where they joyfully roll around, or, more often, joyfully relax together while they wait to find their forever homes!

cm2Chewey is a handsome 4-year old Chihuahua mix. After receiving surgery for a ruptured disc, Chewey has been using a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let that slow him down for a second as he makes the rounds visiting his favorite people! And c’mon, who doesn’t love a guy with his own set of wheels? He is charismatic, friendly, and very sweet but he does not get along so well with cats.

Meet Mommas! 4-year old Mommas is a fantastic dog that loves people and other dogs. Mommas has lived with children – and loved them, too! Mommas is looking for a loving home that can offer her stability and support as she adjusts to her new life on wheels. As with most dogs that lose their ability to use their back end, this is not slowing her down! Mommas still has a happy-go-lucky attitude and she is always eager for new adventures. Mommas will need an adopter who is willing and able to work with her special needs. Mommas likes cats too!

If you might have the perfect home for one of these two special babies, give us a call at 206 557 4661!

A Visit From Meridian School


image1 Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we love it when children reach out to us and want to help and/or learn all about animal rescue! We firmly believe that having compassion for animals at a young age and learning about the responsibilities involved with caring for them gives them helps them grow into wonderful pet owners.

Today we had a visit from some students at the Meridian School in Wallingford. These wonderful kids got to learn about what we do as a rescue; save animals, help them medically, socialize and train them with positive reinforcement, and help them find loving, forever homes. They also had the opportunity to demonstrate their awesome animal-handling skills with Lily, Scout, and Athena. We love that Meridian is compassionate to animals and that they gave their students the opportunity to interact and learn about them and what it takes to care properly for a pet as part of their curriculum. We always welcome opportunities to educate, as we firmly believe that the best way to save an animal from losing a home is to make sure that pet parents have the knowledge and resources they need to cope with any challenges having a pet can bring.

Pearl Wants To help You Binge Netflix!


Meet Mama Pearl! This two-year-old sweetheart is one of our most recent rescue arrivals into Seattle. She is a sweet, affectionate and quiet kitty who loves nothing more than curling up on your lap. Having had a litter of kittens previously, Mama Pearl is looking to flourish in a new and loving home here in Seattle. This tabby is great with other cats, and may do well in a home with a respectful dog. If you’re looking for a purry lap kitty to binge-watch OITNB with, Pearl is your girl!

Mama Pearl is fully vetted, spayed, and microchipped. Call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206-557-4661 to meet herl!


Little Miss Pixie Styx


Meet little miss Pixie Styx! This sweet two-year-old is one of our most recent rescue arrivals into Seattle, having travelled along with a litter of kittens all the way from California!

All of Pixie’s kittens are now adopted, and Pixie is hanging out with us until she finds her forever home. She is a sweet and affectionate kitty who loves nothing more than curling up on your lap. Soft, gentle and dainty, Pixie Styx is looking to flourish in a new and loving home here in Seattle. She can be a little shy in new situations so a patient person would be ideal for her, in order to let her warm up at her own pace. But with a little time and a lot of love, Pixie Styx will be sweet on you – and you will be sweet on her, too! At only two years young she still has that gentle, innocent kitten-like sweetness to her and a lot of years ahead of her to love you unconditionally!

If you are in the Seattle area and would like to meet this little princess and find out if she’d be your purr-fect companion, give us a call at 206 557 4661

IMG_0095 IMG_0093

Galadriel Wants a Family To Call Her Own!


Meet Galadriel! This beautiful two-year-old Siamese mix is looking for her purr-fect home in the Seattle area. She has had a busy first two years of life having litters of kittens, and is now looking forward to her kitten-free life in home where she is adored for the beauty she is. True to her Siamese nature, Galadriel loves to “talk” in order to get your attention with a series of meows and chirps. She thinks her paws are fingers and does not hesitate to grab your hand and bring it closer to her for playing or petting. She is a very social, active cat and would do wonderfully in a home where playtime and stimulation is abundant.

G2When I enter the cat area here at our ECPR facility, Galadriel is at the glass door between the kitty playroom and the kitty kennel area, pawing at me waiting for my attention. Upon entering the playroom she grabs at hands with her “finger-claws” and demands my attention. She is brave and graceful, hopping from the branches right onto my shoulders without pause or failure; our little social butterfly! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to adopt a special kitty with such an endlessly curious and friendly purr-sonality! If you’d like to meet this little flame-point girl, give us a call at 206 557 4661

Happy Tail! – Mercer


Mister Mercer the Gentleman-cat has found the perfect home in which to spend the rest of his golden years! This guy is special to a lot of people who were willing to help him out, and he is very appreciative!

A special thank you to everyone who has stepped in and helped out this kitty, ECPR is so grateful that he was brought to our attention and that were able to assist in finding the perfect people to love him!