DailyECPR: Humphrey Takes a Bath

The indignity of having to take a bath! You can tell by Humphrey’s expression that he was not impressed that he was forced to take a bath.


The suds, the warm water, the feeling of cleanliness after the bath is complete…. Humphrey is not so sure about all of this. But little Humphrey has no teeth, and one of the consequences of consuming a meal without teeth is a mess! Humphrey and his little friend Piggles both eat wet food meals since their lack of teeth makes consuming dry food rather difficult. When I return to their kennel after they eat their meals….oh my!…the messes they make. They almost seem a little proud of their tiny mess. Maybe it makes them feel connected to their wild heritage.


Cleaning up a small mess for these two sweeties is well worth it though. They are old and lovely and good-hearted and they deserve to fully enjoy their eating experience. But sometimes these messy eaters need a good old fashioned bath after they eat.


Whenever I give one of our dogs a bath, they always seem rather alarmed as I gently lift them up and put them in the bath tub. Their expression says, “Oh, no! What is about to happen?” then it changes to “Hey now person friend, I remember what this is all about. Can’t you just accept that that I enjoy a little dirt in my coat?” During their baths, the dogs display varying degrees of protest to the situations. Some of them sit calmly with a slightly gloomy expression on their face. Others try to make a dash for it by slyly inching toward the side of the tub till their little paws are resting on the edge of the tub with their eyes scanning for an escape route. None of the dogs ever seem to upset or scared once the bath starts. Mainly, they would rather be doing something else, like taking a walk or playing with their buddies in the playroom.

However, after the bath, I can always sense a change in their mood. They always seem really appreciative of the bath and are extra affectionate with me. Sometimes I think they view it as a bonding experience, like we conquered that horrid bath together! I think the dogs also feel refreshed and invigorated after a bath. They can move about with an extra skip to their step. They feel footloose and fancy-free! Maybe too, they can sense that their natural canine beauty is even further illuminated with their clean, glossy coat. So even though those baths may seem like an awful experience at first, the dogs always end them feeling happy and clean!


DailyECPR : Josephine the Jester Wants To Go Home With You

This morning as I walked into the playroom, one of our special canine residents, Josephine, was resting comfortably in the arms of a volunteer.

Josie1I paused and fast-blinked to make sure my vision wasn’t wonky. It wasn’t. Madeline, a wonderful volunteer who comes every week had this bundle resting comfortably in her arms. She was talking to her softly while giving her ear-scratches, and Josie was completely at peace.

Josephine is a three year old terrier/maltese mix. She has been with us for several months now. She is one of the smartest dogs currently residing here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, and because of how intelligent she is, her personality is full of adorable mischief. She tends to be wary of strangers, and while sometimes when meeting a new person she will charge at them to let them know “HI. I’M JOSIE AND I’M THE BOSS,” other times she will put on her “cute-face,” tilt her head and try to convince you she is a butterfly who wants nothing more than to be loved on. While Josephine does desperately want your love, her mischievous side comes out to play in order to cover up the fear she has with strangers. If you fall for her “pet me, I’m cute” act when you first meet her, she will often try to nip at your hand.

Josie2.jpgThis passes once you convince Josie that you are a completely safe human and earn her trust. Our staff plays with and handles her with no problems, but today, seeing her happy as a clam in the arms of volunteer warmed my heart and gave me so much hope that she is learning to trust people more. Once she trusts you and you have the privilege of seeing how sweet and precious she is, she finds her way to your heart and never lets go.

We here at ECPR live for these small moments of triumph, moments where a fearful dog realizes a person doesn’t want to hurt them, moments when their eyes light up with the realization that they are worthy of love and kindness.

Josie3.jpgJosie is yearning for a foster or an adopter who is willing to spend time giving her a lot of emotional security. She has such a sweet soul and wants so badly to love and be loved, but before receiving her love you must earn her trust. If you have experience working with trust-wary dogs and could find it in your heart to open your home to this fluffy little bundle, give us a call at 206 557 4661. If you give her your love, she will return that love tenfold!

Special thanks to heART speak and lara graur ( http://www.laragrauer.com ) for the WONDERFUL holiday photography!