DailyECPR: Barn Day!

In this dailyECPR post, we are going to travel back in time to a day that actually happened a couple of months ago. It was a wonderful day for the ECPR staff…. it was barn day! Our founder, Vivian Goldbloom does not just rescue cats and dogs, she rescues farm animals too. The staff members from our main building are accustomed to days spent with lovable pooches, felines and bunnies, but  interacting with the barn animals offered a whole new range of delights.


The horses are rescued from a horrible fate of being slaughtered for meat. Although eating horses is not legal in America, in other countries this awful practice is still allowed. Just looking into a horses eyes, you can see they are gentle-hearted and intelligent creatures. They are animals that deserve our respect and admiration. Our ECPR horses, once destined for a horrific fate now enjoy the life of love and joy they deserve.


At Emerald City Pet Rescue, it is not uncommon for a dog or cat and human staff members to just instantly click. Sometimes, you meet an animal, an animal meets you and you guys just get each other. An immediate friendship is formed. This happened during barn day with the horses. Look at Ellis here with his new found horse friend.


It is obvious by Ellis’s expression of awe that he has true admiration for the beautiful creature before him. His new horse friend has a mutual liking for Ellis. The way she gingerly nibbles the carrot is just adorable!

During our visit to the barn, admin supervisor Vanessa also formed a lasting friendship with utterly charming Sahara!


Sahara has a lovable, mischievous steak that is easy to detect upon meeting her. Her cute horse mannerisms and the twinkle in her eye make me suspicious that she is quite aware of the effect her adorableness has on humans. After befriending Vanessa, Sahara showed off one of her amazing skills: Sahara knows how to smile! She lifts up her gums and shows of her pearly whites!

Horses are not the only rescued barn animals we have at Emerald City Pet Rescue. We also have two other precious hoofed creatures: Marshmallow, a fluffy white mini-donkey and Damon, a black goat with white on his muzzle. Donkeys are cute and goats are cute but what is even cuter is a donkey and goat who are pals! Not only are these two cuties friends, they are roommates. They share a paddock at the barn. I imagine them staying up late, philosophizing about life together in the safety of their warm barn room.


Marshmallow loves to get cuddles. He made sure to position himself in close proximity to as many hands as possible. We all obliged to Marshmallow’s wishes and joyful cuddles were had by all.


Damon has other methods of gaining attention. Damon is a little comedian! He sent us all into a storm of laughter when he jumped into a hay bin! This little guy is a genius of physical comedy.


It was a great experience to see a different side of Emerald City Pet Rescue. The barn has it’s own staff of passionate animal lovers who spend their days tending to the hoofed animals while we care for the pawed animals. Even though the barn animals and animals at our main facility are in different locations, they are all part of the Emerald City Pet Rescue family. This means they will always be cared for, loved and protected.