Sweet Rennie is Ill – Needs TLC Fospice Care!

Please ..will you be my Fospiceperson?.jpg

SEEKING AN EXTRA SPECIAL PERSON WITH A HEART THE SIZE OF TEXAS – Is there anyone out there that can give me the FOSPICE care I truly deserve??

My name is Rennie, and I have been through a lot.
I lived my first 4 years outside with little human contact or attention. I never saw a toy or got to play with anyone.
After being fostered and going through training, I learned how to trust humans. I learned how to love treats and affection. I was excited to find a forever home. I dreamed of years of adventure and companionship.
Then the humans found out I am sick. They told me that I have terminal cancer. They want to find a warm, loving home for me to spend the rest of my days in. They told me they believe it will happen because they know how much I deserve it, after everything I’ve been through.
So that’s me. Rennie. I’d love to share a lifetime with you, but instead, I’ll share my heart and gratitude as long as I am here. As they say, “It only takes a moment to be loved a whole life long.” Thank you. Love, Rennie
Please call 206-557-4661 for more information on how to provide a fospice home for Rennie!

Happy National Pet Day – an Editorial from ECPR

HAPPY NATIONAL PET DAY from your friends at ECPR!

I thought I’d take a few moments to celebrate National Pet Day by writing about my rescue pets and their stories. As the saying goes, “Rescue is the best breed” and I’ve found that to be entirely true! All animals are wonderful and completely deserving of love and the security of a forever home, but if you’ve ever adopted a rescue pet that has known rough times, the way they communicate their understanding and appreciation to you is touching beyond words.

LilyWhen I first began working with Emerald City Pet Rescue two years ago, I had one pet. Lily is my heart and soul. I adopted her at ten months old and she has traveled with me, faithfully stayed by side during hard times, and enjoyed good times with me as well. Lily was my first dog as an adult (I’d had family dogs, and then cats as an adult previously) and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She’s more than a dog to me, she’s my best friend. When I adopted Lily, she was severely underweight and in need of a lot of nourishment. She’s the pickiest eater I’ve ever met (Justin who works for ECPR’s retail store says she’s the pickiest dog he has ever met as well!) and she has trouble gaining weight. She is small and delicate, long skinny legs, big giant loving eyes weighing in at just barely five pounds. I don’t know what her early puppyhood was like, but I do know that the moment I took her home, we were instantly bonded.

Lily went everywhere with me, and she still does! When I began working with Emerald City Pet Rescue, she came with me to the office daily and she was happy to curl up on a bed next to my computer. As long as she’s by my side, she’s content and happy. Some say she has separation anxiety when we are not together (okay, I admit it, it’s true!) but it’s also true that it goes both ways. We are simply happiest together, we ease each other’s anxiety, we know that we will always be there for each other. What more could anyone ask for in a best friend?

EliFor the first time, I brought some kittens home to foster. They were about four weeks old, eating on their own mostly but still quite young and needing motherly care. A roommate I previously lived with had cats so I hoped Lily would be okay with kittens. As it turned out, she was more than okay. She was wonderful! Her patience with other animals is the most gracious thing I have ever seen. Lily had never been interested in playing before, I’m not even sure she knew how, but interacting with the kittens brought out a new side of her I hadn’t previously seen. I decided to keep one of the kittens, a fluffy grey little boy that I named Detective Elliot Stabler (after my favorite character from Law and Order : SVU) or “Eli” for short. Eli and Lily became great friends.

RueA few months later, another litter was in need of fostering. This litter was larger, a group of seven, younger (maybe 2 weeks), and very sickly. One kitten in particular pulled on my heartstrings from the very moment I met her. She was the size of a hamster, emaciated, and I was advised by a vet that she likely wouldn’t make it. Her face was sunken in, her eyes huge, almost deformed-looking due to how sick she was. Despite knowing I should try to be “realistic”, hearing this kitten’s prognosis only triggered my determination. I knew then and there that I was going to do everything in my power to save her. I had that kitten with me literally 24/7. I bottle-fed her raw goats milk every few hours around the clock, kept her wrapped in a tiny blanket and held against my skin. I constantly pet her tiny, delicate little body and spoke to her nonstop. I guess I hoped that if I kept her constantly stimulated, she wouldn’t have time to give up. Silly, maybe, and yet, it worked. She was staying alive! The concern, however, was that while her siblings were getting better, growing, and hitting their milestones, little Rue was the same size as she was when I first brought her home and about half the size of her siblings. Tests were conducted, blood was drawn, and thankfully it turned out she had a particularly stubborn parasite. New medication was given, and soon she began to grow! Still, she was behind on her development and when the other kittens were ready for adoption, Rue still needed more time. By the time she was ready, there was simply no way I could let her go. We were very bonded, I was her Mom. Now I had one dog, and two cats.

ScoutIn early 2016, along came Scout, a tiny chihuahua puppy with very bowed legs. I fostered her at first, but of course, fell in love and I knew within a week that I was going to keep her. Scout thankfully grew out of her bowed leg problems and did not need medical attention for her legs. She is a year and a half now, and one of the lights of my life. She’s smart, she’s extremely friendly not only with me but with everyone she meets no matter what gender or age. She’s fearless, eager to jump at a Great Dane’s face trying to play even though that dog’s mouth may be bigger than her entire body. Scout has not known anything but love, and she gives nothing but love. She has a lot of personality, dancing on her back legs while flailing her front legs in the air to wave and get attention. I tease her and refer to her as “my little Praying Mantis” when she does this. Everyone she meets thinks she’s adorable and hilarious.

I told myself after I kept Scout that I was maxed out, I would still foster, but I would not adopt any more pets. Four was enough for me!

Yeah, right!

I went on to foster more kittens that were adopted into other families, and a few more dogs, and I thought I was doing well with willpower. Then, I met Delilah.

DelilahDelilah was a year and a half when she came to me, a 5lb Yorkie girl. What struck me about her instantly was her immediate bond with Scout. Scout is a fun-loving, energetic dog who LOVES to play, and although Lily is wonderful and so patient with every animal I bring home, she can’t quite match Scout’s energy. Scout and Delilah instantly began to play, and Lily, looking almost relieved, retreated to her favorite pillow where she could finally get some time to relax. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need another dog, but Scout insisted! I couldn’t deny Scout her best friend now could I?! Delilah became a part of our family.



PeachesLast, but certainly not least, came Peaches.
Emerald City Pet Rescue received a relinquishment of nearly 20 tiny chihuahuas. Fosters were needed, so I agreed to take two of them home with me. They were given their own room as I wasn’t sure how they would do with my other animals. Neither of the chihuahuas seemed like they’d met cats before, so they were very confused. “What are these things!?” Their faces asked. Fortunately, my cats are used to dogs coming and going, so they were not stressed or bothered by the new arrivals.

Within a few weeks, the dogs began to come out of their shells and show their personalities. Hannah, an adorable 4lb black and white chihuahua, was adopted, and I still had little Peaches. She “grew” on me, I guess you could say. In contrast to Scout and Delilah who are young with endless energy, Peaches is an older girl who loves to quietly snuggle, like Lily does, and who is completely content with a warm blanket and some pets. I noticed with her other friend gone now, she started clinging to Lily, cuddling with her, and being the “quiet” friend I know Lily deserved, even though she was always so wonderful and patient with the other animals. I was on the fence about keeping Peaches, however, because I knew I didn’t “need” more animals, but a co-worker admitted we were a great pair and I let her peer-pressure me into the adoption. I’m just teasing, I wanted Peaches, of course.

I have quite the full house, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My pets are my family, and the unconditional love, laughter, entertainment, and comfort they provide gives me hope and inspiration in an otherwise sometimes-difficult world.

Today is a day to celebrate all of the pets who enrich and improve our lives. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of a rescue that saves so many pets, and I’m thankful to have been able to save some of them myself. But the truth is, and I know a lot of “rescue pet parents” who feel this way – they saved me, as well.


Feel free to share YOUR pet’s stories in the comments below!

Special ECPR Announcement!


Hello Seattle! We have several exciting announcements! We are so thrilled to announce that Emerald City Pet Rescue is expanding! As some of you may know, Emerald City Pet Rescue has merged with Kitty Harbor in West Seattle. All of our cat and kitten adoptions will take place at Kitty Harbor located at 3422 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126. From now, until the end of 2016, adoption days are Saturdays and Sundays (12:00pm – 4:00pm). Beginning in 2017, we will open our doors to the public 7 days a week! All dog adoptions will continue at our 2962 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 location. Hours are Monday – Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm, and Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm.

For all of you coffee drinkers out there, we are thrilled to announce that we are opening a kitty café at the same location as Kitty Harbor! Emerald Kitty Café is now open on Saturdays and Sundays 7:00am – 4:00pm, serving delicious Stumptown coffee. So come down to visit Emerald Kitty Café to warm up on these cold, fall weekends by having a delicious coffee beverage all while viewing adorable, adoptable cats and kittens romping around in café windows!

We have even more exciting news…Emerald City Pet Rescue is opening another location in the SODO area. Currently under construction, this 12,500 sq. ft. location will have a fully-functioning veterinary clinic and staff, as well as much more space for adoptable dogs, cats, and critters!

These latest additions make a grand total of three dynamic Seattle locations for dogs, cats, and critters, as well as an Auburn location, housing our adoptable and sanctuary horses.

Gidget : Very Special Dog Seeks Compassionate, Loving Family!

There are many important factors to consider when you make the decision to adopt a pet and bring them into your family. What kind of lifestyle do you have? Do you have children? Other pets? Do you travel a lot and would you want to take your pet with you if you do? Have you had dogs before, or cats, or critters? How comfortable are you with training? Are you and willing to adopt an animal with separation anxiety, fear-based aggression, food aggression? Are you willing to adopt a very shy pet who takes a while to warm up to new people?

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we work individually with every potential adopter to try and make sure that the pet they end up adopting is a good fit for their family and lifestyle.

Sometimes, we rescue very special pets whose difficult pasts have left them with emotional scarring. These pets often take longer to place because we have to find the best fit that we can for them so that they can thrive, their new family can thrive, and everyone can remain safe and happy. If a pet is at ECPR for only a few days before they find their forever homes that’s wonderful, but if it takes weeks, months or even years, we will never give up because we know that every single pet has a perfect family out there just waiting for the stars to align so they can meet. Our pets spend their days out in playrooms with staff, trainers and other dogs so that we are able to give them lots of socialization and positive reinforcement on a daily basis.

Some of our long-term residents have unique personalities, but no matter what their challenges are, all of us here see so much potential in their sweet, hopeful eyes. Recently, two girls that we had in our system for quite some time, Fiona and Darla, found their forever homes and to say that the staff here at ECPR was happy for them is a gross understatement. There is nothing quite like the moment when someone looks at a pet and says, “I will love you unconditionally for everything that you are, and I will help you find all of the confidence and happiness that you deserve and more.”

gidget2Here is one of our long-term residents, Gidget. She has been in our system almost since we began (nearly three years) and we know in our hopeful hearts that it’s her turn to find her happy ending! This little brussels griffon mix has big, expressive ears, and the cutest little underbite that I’ve ever seen. Gidget can be wary and fearful of strangers, but she is making great strides at finding her confidence with people. Once she trusts you, she follows you around like a little shadow and wants nothing more than to be in your arms. Gidget is especially fearful of men, and we are working on helping her realize that ALL people have the potential to be her best friend.

Gidget recently went into a foster home with an amazing foster parent who has limitless compassion and patience. She has helped many of our other fearful dogs find their confidence and eventually their forever homes! We already miss Gidget here at our facility, but we know she is in great hands. We know every single day that passes brings Gidget one day closer to finding that forever home she deserves, and we will do anything we can to help her along the way. What Gidget needs most is someone with a compassionate heart who understands that this little girl’s behavior says, “You have to work to earn my trust and affection because I am so amazing that I can’t give it away to just ANYONE!” She wants a forever family just as amazing as she is, and we don’t blame her!

It’s easy to find a pet who will run to your arms within the first moment of meeting them, but to earn an amimal’s trust is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. The love and appreciation they show you is unconditional and pure; it will always put a smile on your face even on days when life is a little bit gray.

Who knows, maybe someone reading this right now has been looking for that perfectly unique little baby to love and cherish. If Gidget’s cute little face, silly tongue, big ears and sweet, expressive eyes are pulling at your heartstrings, please give us a call at 206 557 4661.

DailyECPR: Brilliant and Boisterous Brody Finds a Kindred Spirit

Everyone needs a good friend, even if the friendship is destined to only last a short while. Brody, our adorable Pomeranian, a joyful fuzz ball if there ever was one, learned how special a fleeting friendship can be. It all started when Brody met Frosty. Friends that you have for a long portion of your life can be very meaningful, but sometimes a friend you have for even an afternoon can be invaluable. For Frosty and Brody, their friendship lasted more like a week.


Brody arrived at Emerald City Pet Rescue before Frosty came along. Brody is an amazing dog. He is a gentle pooch with the softest red coat I have ever felt. He is absolutely adorable! Basically, he is a teddy bear fox… a child’s stuffed animal come to life. Brody has the perfect combination of cuddle bug, level ten snuggling skills mixed with an independent spirit. He has an intelligent and curious spark to him that makes him very capable of being entertained on his own. But if you want to cuddle you better believe that he wants to cuddle too! And Brody wants to cuddle with everyone, because he is the type of dog who assumes the best out of everyone he meets. One of the best things about Brody is his joy for life. His giddy demeanor and jolly embrace of all the world has to offer is downright contagious!


Brody has always been a very playful little fellow. Sometimes in the morning when I attempt to gather him for his morning breakfast, he misinterprets my intentions. He thinks I want to play with him! Instead of coming to me obediently, he looks at me with a mischievous sparkle in his eye and he starts darting around, teasing me to catch him. He wags his tail and darts to my right! He prances and darts to my left! And finally I catch him.


Before Frosty came to Emerald City Pet Rescue, Brody would be happy to play with anyone. Different days, he would play with different dogs, different humans and different toys, depending on who was available and ready to play. Brody loves to dash and dart around the room with a jaunty skip in his step. He loves to frolic, prance and have an overall rollicking good time engaged in various forms of play. But it wasn’t till he met Frosty that he met his playmate kindred spirit. These two sweet dogs had an instantaneous connection. As soon as Brody saw Frosty, it was like he knew they were meant to be friends. Frosty liked Brody and Brody loved Frosty. Brody thought of Frosty as the cool new kid. Like most friendships that form at rapid speed, these two dogs have an essential similarity in their personalities. They both have the same sunny, happy-go-lucky outlook on life. Frosty and Brody are all puppy smiles and tail wags.


Whenever Frosty and Brody were in a room together, they spend the time enjoying each other’s company. They scampered and tumbled with each other. They turned every moment with each other into an opportunity for friskiness and playful antics. But Brody’s shining opinion of Frosty was not his alone. Frosty effortlessly charmed his way into a forever family. So after being a beloved member of ECPR for a very short time, Frosty was off to his new home! Brody and Frosty had to say a bittersweet good-bye to each other.


In the end, the two pooches were only friends for about a week. But just because it was a short friendship, does not mean it wasn’t a valuable friendship. The two dogs provided hours of joy for each other. They connected with each other and wasted no time forming a friendship. So Brody and Frosty won’t grow old together. They won’t sit on a park bench, watching birds, as familiar smells waft through the air and remind them of their puppyhood. But their lives were enriched by their friendships. And who knows… maybe someday after Brody finds his forever home, he will go on a walk when ahead of him walking his way he will see a familiar white dog…. His old pal Frosty! The two old friends will have a brief but joyful reunion before they part ways and head back to their happy lives with their forever families.

Polly and Tippy: Polydactyl Princesses

At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have two beautiful polydactyls. No, not pterodactyls, although working at a dinosaur rescue would be quite exciting! Polydactyls are cats with more than the average amount of toes. In Polly and Tippy’s case, it is not just their toes, they also have more than the average amount of charm!


Most cats have eighteen toes all together. Cat’s front feet have five toes, while their back feet have four. Kitty cat toes are pretty cute, so those polydactyl cats should be tremendously proud of their extra toes. Extra toes on cats is genetically inherited. Polly and Tippy are from the same house hold, so there is a good chance that these two many-toed sweeties are related somehow.

Even though Tippy and Polly both have polydactylism, their polydactylism vary from each other. Tippy’s extra toes make her look like she has adorably large feet. Polly has extra toes on the side of her front paws that make her look like she has fuzzy kitty thumbs. Polly is quite a smart cat. I can imagine her using her thumbs to do all sorts of mischievous and delightful antics such as opening things she shouldn’t in order to explore or investigate. Who knows, with her intelligence she may even be able to paint a picture or pen a novel one of these days. With Polly’s thumbs and big brain, she is well on her way to conquering the universe!

Polly is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. She likes to get cuddles, but on her own terms. She is the type of cat that doesn’t fall for nonsense. Sometimes when I get too cutesy-wootsy with her, I can sense her inner eyes rolling. It is like she is saying “Do you take me for a gullible fool lady!? Your cutesy voice has no power over me!” Despite this, she still puts up with me and lets me give he lots of cuddles. Sometimes, when she thinks I am not paying attention, she will even purr for me. I love Polly’s perfect mixture of independence and sweetness.


Tippy’s big, many toed paws are utterly adorable. Tippy is a brave kitty who faces the world with resilience. She always seems to have subtle look of determination glinting in her eyes. When Tippy first arrived, she was a bit under socialized. Although never aggressive, she would sometimes try to escape from my arms when I was carrying her to the playroom. She would do this with such gusto and determination, I couldn’t help but to admire her. Tippy has a kind heart, a fiery resolve and unique spirit. She is a proud, curious and lovable girl. She is a cat with the type of loyalty usually attributed to her canine counterparts.


Tippy has a best cat friend who is her bonded pair. Her bff’s name is Rodeo. Because they are bonded, they will only be adopted out together and will never be separated from each other.  Rodeo came from the same home as Tippy and Polly, but she does not have any extra toes. However, Rodeo has her own physical anomaly that also adds to her beauty. She has two different colored eyes. Tippy and Rodeo love each other so much. They make me want to be a better friend to the people I care about.


Rodeo and her beautiful eyes.

Emerald City Pet Rescue is not alone in our love of wonderful polydactyl cats. Generations of adventurous sailors looked to polydactyls as bringers of good luck. While conducting expeditions of adventure and intrigue on the high seas, sailors had their trusty companions: their lovable polydactyl cats. Polydactyl cats were considered superior ship kitties due their big paws. An average cat must daintily swipe with a normal sized paw at a mouse or rat as it scuttles past. A polydactyl can use their giant paws to immediately capture any rodent stowaways aboard their ship. A normal pawed kitty must lightly prance along the rocking ship floor, while a polydactyl cat can march with confidence! Their big paws were believed to help with balance as the ship tips and tilts over turbulent waves. I can just imagine a wind beaten sailor standing on a ship, staring fondly at the sea with Polly or Tippy at his side bringing him good luck. But of course, these kitties would do just as good a job bringing good luck to us landlubbers!

If you are interested in adding a bit of good luck to your life by the inclusion of either Polly or Tippy and Rodeo into your loving home, call Emerald City Pet Rescue at 206 557 4661.

(Source for info about polydactyl cats: Moss, Laura. “11 Things You Didn’t Know about Polydactyl Cats.” Mother Nature Network. Narrative Content Group, 16 Sept. 2015. Web. 3 Jan. 2016. <http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mnn.com%2Ffamily%2Fpets%2Fstories%2F11-thing-didnt-know-polydactyl-cats>.)