DailyECPR: Blueberry the Tan Doggy

It is almost summer time. The birds are chirping and the plants are growing. One favored summer activity is picking fresh berries such as blueberries right off the plant! Picking blueberries is fun, so why hasn’t anyone picked our little Blueberry to be their forever buddy?

Blueberry is a senior dog with a loving disposition and a gentle nature. When Blueberry is with a human pal, he is an extremely mellow, laid back dog. He likes to be near his favored people. He looks up at them with wide curious eyes, his floppy ears slightly perked as he gives a little tail wag. If he is around a group of his human friends, he likes to check in with them all, looking up and expecting a head pat. But when confined and left alone, Blueberry becomes very agitated. Anxiety seizes him when he is forced to be confined in his kennel, away from any people. Blueberry suffers from separation anxiety.


Separation anxiety can be debilitating for an animal to experience. Instead of living a carefree life, they are confronted with extreme anxiety, making life less wonderful. At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we want all our animals to be happy and healthy. In cases such as Blueberry’s, we work on training that will help him deal with his separation anxiety while problem solving solutions in which he is not put in situations which exaggerate his feelings of anxiety. For instance, during the afternoon, all the dogs go in their kennels for a break while some cleaning is done in the playroom. Blueberry though, spends his afternoon break napping on someone’s lap in one of the offices.


Whoever adopts Blueberry will also need to work on creating an environment for him that doesn’t exaggerate his anxiety. Blueberry is open to be best forever buddies with all sorts of different folks. He just needs them to understand his dislike of confinement or being alone. Blueberry dreams of a friend who is retired and spend their days reading on comfy chairs or working in a garden where Blueberry can smell the flowers. Or he imagines spending his day with an office worker who can bring animals to their job. During lunch breaks they can take walks to a nearby park and watch the birds. Or maybe Blueberry can be adopted by a boutique owner who needs a store pooch (to keep an eye on any potential shop lifters! Blueberry is confident he can be ferocious if he needs to be). On days Blueberry is feeling especially fantastical, I’m sure he imagines even wilder potential forever people to spend his days with: Undercover spies who take him along on missions as a sidekick or glamorous celebrities in need of a cute doggy friend. Blueberry likes to spend time daydreaming about his future, but what he really wants now is to live his future!

Blueberry’s separation anxiety may need extra attention, but his charming and lovable personality easily compensates for his special needs. Blueberry is the type of friend everyone dreams of. He is loyal, loving and he only sees the best in anyone he meets.


Blueberry’s favorite activity to do with a friend is to go on strolls. He has a laid back walking style. He likes to slowly lumber along our walking path, stopping here and there to smell the world. Blueberry has a special fondness for smelling all the amazing smells of the world. Some people live by the expression ‘follow your heart!’ But Blueberry would like to modify that expression to ‘Follow your nose!” Because to Blueberry, following your heart is following your nose. His heart tells him to be curious and to investigate the world! And his nose is his best investigative tool.

One thing that makes Blueberry such a good pal is the way he is so keen to just hangout and be supportive. On the worst day, someone could easily spill their heart to Blueberry. Blueberry would nuzzle up next to them and give them a comforting look. Adorable, wonderful Blueberry is ready to put his skills to use. He is ready for a forever home!

DailyECPR : Barktoberfest Was a Storm (Almost!)

IMG_0421This past weekend, a few of us at Emerald City Pet Rescue ventured down to Auburn, WA with our tent, our tables, and a lot of freebies and goodies for Barktober Fest! Brandon and I ventured down there in the company van and a kennel attendant, John, mosied down in his own car.

On our way there, we were concerned because the rain was pounding down on us like a boxing match, so torrential that we could barely see a few feet in front of our car! Since the event was outdoors at Roegner Park we were worried that we would get there only to find out that the event had to be sadly cancelled, but just as we pulled in to Auburn the downpour started to let up. By the time we arrived at the Park, the sun was peeking out through the clouds and the rain had nearly stopped.

We set up our booth with a wonderful view of the fall leaves, and Auburnites and their pooches began to show up and walk around! The event coordinators were kind enough to walk around with bottled water and bagels for all of the vendors. (Thanks, event coordinators!) Lots of people stopped by our booth whether they were looking to adopt, or just kind enough to give us a donation!

As I wrote that, a chorus of barks rang out in the playroom behind my office. The dogs would all love to say a huge thank you to everyone who is spreading the word about ECPR!

About fifteen minutes before the event came to a close (It was just a half-day event running from 10AM to 2PM) the sky began to darken once more, the winds broke out and raindrops started falling on our heads. Fortunately, Brandon, John and I were able to pack up the tent and our supplies like rock stars and avoid anything getting lost or damaged. We made it almost the whole time, it was as if the weather had been kind enough to pause in its angry crying fit just long enough for us all to enjoy a nice fall day with the dogs! Thank you, weather Gods! I tip my hat to you in gratitude!

Roegner Park has beautiful scenery, from the fall leaves to the streams to the walking trails. I highly IMG_0425recommend it if you’re needing a day away from the city with your four legged companion, or even just to enjoy a quiet day by yourself.

As for Barktober Fest, they told us that next year they’re going to have the event in August to try and avoid unpredictable weather. Still, I say it could have been a LOT worse! Overall I would say the day was a success. We’re getting good at doing events now (at least, we’ve got the rhythm down) and we really enjoy them! We can’t wait to participate in even more fun things, and we’ve got a special surprise appearance at a very awesome event happening on Thursday. Want to know what it is? You’ll have to wait a few days! I know, we’re sneaky like that!