DailyECPR: Beautiful Friendships

There are few things more special than friendship with an animal pal. Animal friends are the best snuggle buddies, amazing confidants, and always add cheer to the day. Nothing tickles my heart like a big doggie grin or the way cats slowly close their eyes in pure contentment. Humans are not the only ones who think animals are amazing friends. Many animals agree, as they have great and beautiful friendships with each other. Some animals have such strong friendships that it would be cruel to separate the friends by adopting them out separately. These animals are considered bonded pairs. At Emerald City Pet Rescue, we have had several bonded pairs.

When I first started working at Emerald City Pet Rescue, we had two adorable bonded rascals: Harry and Sally. They were brindle chihuahua pug mixes who just adored each other. Harry was Mr. Personable, always running up to his people friends asking for pets. Sally was a bit shyer, but her bonded pal Harry made her feel braver. With his help, she felt more confident asking for cuddles too.

Another bonded pair we had were Rocky and Coco. These two fluffy black dogs had the sweetest smiles and the gentlest dispositions. They also had a bit of a mischievous streak which just made them all the more endearing. Every morning when I came into work, they would be in the best mood. They would be prancing around their kennel, Rocky always with his favorite orange bone in his mouth. They looked like they were doing a happy dance, celebrating the morning while everyone else in the world seemed to be groggy and grumpy.

It is more difficult to adopt bonded pairs. Usually potential adopters are only looking for one dog or one cat, so when two must be adopted out together, it takes more patience to find them their perfect forever home. But it is always worth the wait! The animals want to spend their life with their best animal friend. It is important to respect the friendships and love animals build for each other.

Right now, we have several bonded pairs looking for their forever home.

Two of the sweetest, most loving cats in all the world are currently part of the ECPR animal crew. They are Tippy and Rodeo. These two sisters have such an inspiring friendship. They love to curl up and snuggle with each other. While curled up next to each other, they are in the perfect state of contentment. Tippy is a little shyer than Rodeo, but she feels braver when her sister is around. Rodeo stands up for her sister and makes sure she is comfortable. When these two are in the cat playroom together, they are always right next to each other.

Tippy has a gravelly old lady meow that is utterly charming! Tippy is tentative and gentle. She really wants to spend all her time with her sister, who makes her feel brave and important. Rodeo is the more adventurous of the two sisters. She likes to explore and is full of that curiosity cats are notorious for.

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We have two adorable elderly pooches who are a bonded pair. They are Piggles and Humphrey. Both of these tiny dogs have hearts of gold and sturdy brave constitutions of little warriors. They are tiny and quite vulnerable, but they are not deterred by living in a world physically much more imposing than they are. Piggles in particular is not afraid of speaking her mind. She is feisty in the best way possible. She dislikes when puppies get too close to her and she makes sure to let them know. She goes “Grrr…grumble, arf a20151115_161721rf!” Since I spend much time with dogs, I can translate this to English for you. Piggles is saying “Get away from me you silly puppy! Can’t you see I am a queen among dogs and deserve my space!” Humphrey has a bit more of a mellow, go with the flow personality. He doesn’t mind puppies. He likes to trot around the playroom, exploring and investigating. Although the two are very bonded, they also are not afraid to be independent. So while Piggles yells at puppies, Humphrey will find a nice spot in the sun to relax. But, after a while, they are drawn to each other, and once again they snuggle up and revel in each other’s company.

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One of our bonded pairs is going home soon. Congratulations to Serena and Venus! These two are strikingly beautiful cats! They are very shy though, so it took them a little longer to find their home. But I think once they have the opportunity to live in their own home, they will overcome their shyness quite rapidly. After all, they have each other to encourage bravery and growth.


Watching bonded pairs interact can teach a person a lot about the importance of friendship. Great friends are there for us when we are scared or stressed. Serena may feel scared when she meets a new person, but she has Venus there to comfort her. Friends can encourage us to be the best version of our self. Tippy may feel shy at times, but watching her sister navigate the world with enthusiasm helps Tippy overcome her shyness. There is nothing better than spending a relaxing day lounging around with a friend. Humphrey and Piggles can attest to that as they lay upon their fancy blanket in the playroom. Animal friendships are a lot like human friendships, they make the world more wonderful and they make life all the sweeter.

Cocoa insisted that he deserved a shout out in this post. Here he is, trying to convince me his toy bear was his “bonded pair.” Nice try, Cocoa! That little pooch sure has a wild imagination!