Lark and Jigglypuff’s TV Debut

ECPR’s sweet bonded pair, adoptable pups Lark and Jigglypuff, had their TV debut last weekend! They were featured on Q13 Fox in conjunction with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance.

They say, “There have been many love affairs throughout history – Antony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, Peanut Butter and Jelly… and now the greatest of them all, Lark and Jigglypuff! That’s US! We are bonded in every way and love doing everything together, from eating to sleeping to romping to sleeping to cuddling to sleeping some more. We are both terribly shy at first, but with a patient approach and an available lap, you will watch us bloom into world-champion snugglers who love to share the love (with you)! We are quite quiet and sweet, and would love a mellow home to compliment our equally mellow energy, but small dogs our size are more than welcome (as long as they don’t hog all the treats, blankets, or affection). Let’s make this love one for the history books!”

Check out Lark and Jigglypuff ON THE NEWS, and if you think they might be the perfect addition to your family, give us a call at 206 557 4661


DailyECPR : Check Out Our Retail Selection!

We love talking about the rescue animals on a daily basis (who wouldn’t? They are precious!) but we don’t want to forget about other aspects of ECPR. With our retail store growing fast, we wanted to introduce our products to our blog followers, adopters, shoppers, and – well, everyone! We have a whole different blog being set up currently that will have updated information on our products, pet health tips and more, but in the meantime here’s a very short glimpse of what our retail side has to offer.

Store The ECPR store, attached to our rescue facility here in SoDo, carries many specialty food brands that we thoroughly research before we decide to carry. We are confident that we only sell the best of the best and that our products will be beneficial to your pet. Our amazing staff is knowledgeable in all products and will be able to answer any and all of your questions in depth when you are trying to decide what is best for your pet. Think of us like a Mud Bay, only all of the profits from our store go directly back into our rescue effort! Did I also mention that adopters get a permanent discount when purchasing products from our store?

One of the things our retail employees (and a large majority of our general staff here at ECPR) advocate for is the benefits of feeding your dog or cat a raw diet. In nature, animals will hunt and eat animals raw so we figure, just because they are domesticated doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same yumminess! A lot of dogs that have had digestive issues have actually improved tenfold with raw diets. Other types of animal foods occasionally have ingredients that some pets have trouble digesting such as corn, grains, etc that help with the preservation of the food itself but can cause occasional problems in their tummy. We carry special raw brands such as Stella and Chewey’s and Rad Cat. From personal experience, switching my own pets to a raw diet has helped in ways that benefit me as well – their #2 is far less stinky! They get very excited for mealtimes and eat a healthy amount. Their coats have never been shinier!

Be sure to stop by our store and ask our employees for more information on the health benefits of a raw diet as well as a variety of other products in dry foods and wet foods that we carry. They will be happy to help you get your pet in tip-top shape!

If you don’t live near our rescue, you can still purchase our products via our online storefront! Just like our physical store, our online selection profits go directly back to help the rescue effort! visit our new storefront online at !

Have an excellent weekend everyone, we’ll be back on Sunday to give you all the latest ECPR pet gossip! (Gossip in a good way!)

Emerald City Pet Rescue

DailyECPR : A Ruby in the Rough

One of the countless amazing things about working at a rescue is that every day, unexpected gifts drop by in the form of furry creatures to brighten up our days. Today, I got to meet a new little princess named Ruby. She is a yorkie, an older gal with limited vision who couldn’t be calmer or sweeter if she tried. I know virtually nothing about her backstory (yet) but I did get to sit quietly with her for a short time and introduce myself. At first she was shy, but when I offered my hand she decided to tentatively approach. She gave it a thorough sniff. Still, I didn’t want to overwhelm or frighten her so when she was through sniffing, I returned my hand to my side respectfully to allow her to get more comfortable in my presence before trying to pet her or pick her up.

IMG_0135That’s when my precious Lily decided to intervene. She had been a quiet little angel while I had allowed Ruby to sniff me, but after I returned my hand to my side, she chose to bridge the gap and approach Ruby herself. Lily mimicked my respectful quietness and kept her eyes on Ruby as she approached to make sure she wasn’t afraid. Ruby stood still, but her ears were perked and she was sitting up with curiosity rather than crouching down with nervousness. Lily continued to approach her before ever so gently touching her nose to Ruby’s. This still did not frighten sweet Ruby, and in moments the two of them were exchanging backside-sniffs (a very good sign in dogs introducing themselves to each other), walking around each other in curious circles and making friends. While I can see why I was told Ruby was shy, it gave me so much joy to see her opening up to Lily, as well as being willing to allow her curiosity about me overcome her fear. This is definitely a dog with a sweet-as-pie disposition who just needs a chance to gain a little bit of confidence. She will make a wonderful pet for someone who wants a sweet lap dog!

IMG_0136As for Lily, her “boyfriend” Peter, a chihuahua who loves to be cuddled, went to his new forever home a few days ago and I could tell that since then, Lily has seemed a bit lost in the play-room. She is always kind to the other dogs but she just didn’t have that same bounce in her step and visible excitement that she did when she and Peter got to play. To see her being so willing to befriend “the new gal” and to communicate to Ruby in silent doggy-language, “its okay, we’re nice here” was absolutely precious and maybe just the right kind of encouragement Ruby needs to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. I can’t wait to spend some more time with this precious little gem, and to allow her and Lily to continue to form a healthy, mutually encouraging friendship. That’s what I love mos about ECPR, getting the opportunity to actually watch the dogs come out of their shells and be all that they can be.

If you’re interested in setting up a meet and greet with this perfect little princess, call us at 206 557 4661.

The weekend is almost here… yaaaay!

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