Volunteer Opportunities



Here at Emerald City Pet Rescue, our volunteers play a vital role in helping ensure that our precious rescued animals get the best forever homes possible! As a volunteer, the best and most important way you can help is to spend time with our critters and help with their daily care. We strive to make the environment as fun and comfortable for them as possible. Our atmosphere has more of a “pet hotel” or “doggy daycare” feel, because we believe if we can provide a positive environment for the animals, they, in turn, will come out of their shells and really let their personalities shine. When the animals attend meet and greets with potential adopters, they will be the best versions of themselves and hopefully that much more likely to find a forever home that is the best match for the animal, their personalities, and their needs. These animals can’t get there without amazing people like you to help them along the way!

“How can I help?”
* Assisting our staff with maintaining a clean and sanitary environment helps our pets stay healthy and happy!
* Going on walks with the dogs helps them learn obedience while on a leash which will keep them safe, and also helps them get used to outdoor sounds. Most of our dogs LOVE walks, and the more comfortable they get in the outdoors, the more confident they become!
* Bathing dogs really helps them bond with humans and teaches them that no person will ever hurt them.
* With our kitties, sometimes just sitting in the cat room with them and getting them slowly used to the idea that a new face, smell and voice is nothing to fear, is leaps and bounds in the right direction for helping them find their purr-fect forever homes. We also have an abundance of toys you can use to engage them in playtime!

“How does volunteering benefit me?” Many of our volunteers say that coming here after work or during their weekends and spending time helping the animals makes all of their stress, worries and anxiety melt away. We try to be comforting to our animals here, and we love the fact that our animals are also just as comforting to us. After all, who doesn’t feel their spirits uplifted after playing with a roomful of puppies??

“How do I apply?” The first step to volunteering is filling out our secure application found on our website at www.emeraldcitypetrscue.org. The application is open seasonally for orientations, so if it not currently available, please check back at the beginning of every season!
The next step is to attend an orientation where you will learn about the history of our rescue, how the volunteer shifts are organized, and you will also have an opportunity to meet some of our wonderful rescue animals.

Want to keep up with volunteer news?? Don’t forget to check out our ECPR Volunteer Facebook Group!

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